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Bringing a GPS on someone elses boat.

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How do you feel about it?

Do you approve?

Do you discuss it before the trip, whether you're the Captain or the Cabin Boy?

What would you do if someone whipped out their GPS in the middle
of a hot Halibut or WSB bite, a WFO Lobster crawl on YOUR SPOT,
or a rockpile it took you 5 years to dial in?

Should the numbers be erased at the end of the trip?
If the numbers are to be retained by the person using
the GPS, should they ever be shared with anyone else?

A number of WORDS come to mind.

Thank You for the feedback!

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
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No i dont think it is right unless the person was there when you discovered the spot/ or if they asked you and you dont mind then it all good.
I just know there is nothing worse then pulling up on your spot to find your buddy there before you with limits of ???
Chris (bitesomthing)
20 foot proline
Personally, I wouldn't stress out over it, and I certainly wouldn't want to be playing cop on my boat with invited guests. If the spots are so sacred, fish them solo or don't stop on them when youâ??re with casual friends that you'd rather not share with.

For me, fishing is an experience that's broader than simply putting meat on the deck. With GPS's now in watches, cell phones, etc., the last thing I'd want to do is worry over who's doing what or worse... arguing about it.


Cheers, Bill

â??If your not part of the solution... you're part of the problem"
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I dont fish on a boat very often but think that this would be bunk. I went on a party boat this yr. and saw 3 guys break out there GPS's once we were ont he spot. Funny it was a sand bass bite and there was like 1000 boats out. I guess they can use this info next yr. I would never think of it. I heard of a huge kelp bed that an overnight trip slayed the albies at then by the time the boat got out there the next day there was 6 boats at it. Funny thing it was a chartered boat and it hit the fan if you know what I mean. I heard a guy marked the spot and then put it on 976-TUNA. Oh yeah it was the opposite wdirection that everyone was fishing. IMO it would suck to put the work in and have someone just "steal" your info.

Dave Abeelen


No stressin' here, just looking to see how people feel about it.

>A number of WORDS come to mind.
>Thank You for the feedback!

>No stressin' here, just looking to see how people feel about

If your not stressin then what did you mean by

"a number of WORDS come to mind???"
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Personal Principles.
Those words would go along with my feelings on the subject.
I'm really just trying to find out how other PB'ers feel about the subject.

a bit differant for me because i'm commercial... if i caught a deckhand using a hand held gps to mark spots, it would go overboard..then i'd turn around and head back to port... if we had already made a catch, i'd pay him his share at the dock plus whatever the cost of the gps was....he'd never get another spot with me and likely never fish on any good paying boat again.
For me it's all about morality, principles, ethics, etc. . .

I guess if I was a commercial fisherman trusting someone,
and they breached the trust, I'd have to kick'em to the curb
as you say. Some things go without saying IMO, you know,
the unwritten rules of the water. Put in the time and you
shall be rewarded!

Happy New Year John!

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
I`m with you, and Taurus John.

I`ve spent most of my life learning the waters for my clients.
My locations, as well as my fish are sacred.
With the inception of Blue chart and C-Chip and with all the books on the market why someone would do this is beyond me.

John when we went out I used the cross hairs on my G.P.S. to take us to the spot because I didnâ??t wont to enter the numbers in my G.P.S.

If people know anything about fishing they could just look at good chart and tell where to fish then there condition in which to fish the spot.

My opinion is Don't do it learning is half the fun.

Captain's Rules.

If you say no GPS, then the subject is closed and not up for discussion. I don't care if your 80 nm offshore, if the capt says "No Numbers" thats it NO NUMBERS!

If the crew has an issue with that...... they should get their own boat, then they can make the rules.

I could care less what they do as long as they bring some cold beer.
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i think it depends on the situation, and i know my opinion will draw some heat here. i agree that it's a matter of ethics. if i were on a friends boat i would absolutely not bring a gps with me. no way under any circumstances. if i really was having a good time at a particular spot i might ask for the numbers so i could program them in later....but more than likely i wouldn't do this unless it was a GOOOOOD friend.

on a party boat however, i don't see anything wrong with bringing along a handheld gps. it's no different than marking down the spot where cattle boats are fishing as you pass them by in your private boat. as a paying customer on a cattle boat you should be entitled to the spots. if the staff on the boat treat you with courtesy and respect and show you an enjoyable time, more than likely you'd rather return on their boat again another time rather than go on your own boat. if nothing else on the trip is satisfactory or if the fish aren't cooperating, at least you can leave with the numbers. the captains of those boats earn their living finding new spots to fish, and i think they should continually seek new ones out. anyhow, they have a pretty good network of other captains to pool resources with.
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Whats up Jake how you doing? I have to disagree with you on this. What would you do if you invited me on pops boat and I kicked in (paying for gas and bait) then GPS'd the cordinates? I think you wouldnt be very happy with that. But you say if you are a paying customer the spot should also be yours. There is no way I can see justifying any GPS marking of others spots. How many times have I heard some clowns followed me all day marking my spots that also IMO is bunk. Marking GPS spots of party boats is liek taking money out of their pockets IMO. Why should they work hard to find spots and you roll right by and take them. If you have a buddy who took you out more than likely he would have no problem sharing numbers with you but it always goes both ways. The next time you find a hot spot you should share. But I cant talk if you spent a ton of $ on a boat and gas why run around finding your own spots? I think if you have trouble finding some spots ask nicely some people around here will help giving you some start up spots, probably not the "A" list spots but some decent spots. A big part of fishing is finding your own spots. Like I said I have no boat so if I made a bunch of trips for a couple of raked baits and 3 bass I might be trying to take your spots.

Dave Abeelen


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If a guy jumps from boat to boat and freinds are taking him to their honey holes while he secretly plugs in the numbers, for later use on other boats with other people, he aught to be shot. IMHO

I have no respect for the guy. He is a user, and a scumbag. People need to wise up.
Rich-is your lake big enough to use a GPS.? I thought you used it to get out of the brush after deer season. I am not making fun here (although you usually are the target of my keen wit). Are you going to Croatia or what.
Fresh One
A thin line

IMO Poaching somebody else's spot while fishing their rig is just unnacceptable. If they want to bring a GPS I'd say no, but I wouldn't go to the trouble of talking about it before hand. I don't think we should have to give people a heads up that its not ok to do this. They know its not ok otherwise they'd ask you to your face for the #'s to your honey holes. If they are caught, I'll probably give them the #'s they want, but it'll cost 'em any future rides.

Following party boats around to learn their spots is almost equally as petty. On the other hand, using your own observational skills, while otherwise minding your own business, to identify somebody fishing a spot you're not familiar with is fair game. Tailing them around the grounds is not. For example, if you are looking for fish or traveling and happen to notice XXX boat fishing XXX spot, then taking note is more than your right, it's your sportsman like duty to do so. :) Just as long as its tactful (i.e. no crowding them and no blabbing) and maybe a kind gesture such as giving them the spot should their come a day when you get there before they do would be a nice way of showing your respect and appreciation.
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RE: A thin line

I'm with the idea of not bringing a gps on any boat except your own (other than for personal safey, a back up or you have already been given permission for his spots or your spots. I also think it is never cool to bring a GPS on a charter, sport or other type of commercial vessel. Also I think it is very uncool to follow a sportie. I don't like fishing their spots and I don't like jumping their spots after they leave.

Asking for numbers is a whole other issue. That depends on your relationship with the captain and the captains belief on a spot and your right to fish it. I know its not their spot but respecting the work they put in to find it and being reasonable about using the information you've gained while on their boats is an ethical matter to me.

Interesting post and I think it always goes back to the captain.


EDIT: Hey John I wonder how you feel about it. Have you had issues with this before or were just thinking about it.

I was on an overnight and it was a charter I planned and a guy had a GPS. I asked him not to bring it out and definetly not let the crew see it.

Another time on a charter (a local SMB trip) of mine a good friend of mine had it out. I told him put it away he didn't, the crew wasn't too happy with him. Nothing happend though.
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