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Bug Hunting / Hoop Net Pulling

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For all of you who have pulled 4-5 sets of 10 nets, from 60-80 feet, you know my pain...

I saw this on the internet, and was wondering if any of you have used one. Is it LEGAL ??? Do you think the pull speed is fast enough? Any comments or thoughts???


here is the website:
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From what I understand, for sport fishing it would not be
legal. I'm aware of one recreational angler that has used
a device of this type. Here is an excerpt from the 2005

29.80. Gear Restrictions.
a) General: Saltwater crustaceans may be taken by hand. Nets, traps
or other appliances may not be used except as provided in this section.
(b) Baited hoop nets may be used to take spiny lobsters and all
species of crabs.

To me, the "by hand" is key. I read this as baited hoop nets by hand.
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My guess is the "by hand" terminology is for divers.
Real Men pull hoopnets by hand!

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
>To me, the "by hand" is key. I read this as baited hoop nets
>by hand.

Well I for one am thankfull it's not up to you.

The "by hand" terminology refers diving. You can't spear lobsters, nor pull them out with a hook but you can catch them by hand when diving.

Hoopnetting is not diving, it has other rules and provisions.

I've checked into it there's nothing in the regs that says a recreational angler can not use a net or pot puller to pull nets.

In fact for crab fisherman up north it's the norm, not the exception.

The "Hand Job" only only guys don't know what they're talking about ......and will eventually go blind :7

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Pullers are legal...

That puller would work but it may be a little slow. It has plenty of torque but is not as fast as I would prefer.

I built my own and it pulls faster then I can by hand, with crab pots speed doesn't matter but with bugs it is important.

Some guys pull everything by hand... ;-)

I'm not sure if that makes them real men or just sore with hairy palms :7

Buncha my sport crabbing friends up north use them and like 'em.
Round gear and square Danielsens are dang heavy...much heavier than hoop nets.

My Three Sons

I sent you a PM... looking for info about your home-made hoop net puller... any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
It's is legal but who has the money to waste. I love to feel the in bugs in the net as I pull them up. It's kind of like a head shake of a nicer size fish.
>Well I for one am thankfull it's not up to you.


I just finished contacting Fish and Game about this very issue. According to them it's completely legal. There are no restrictions on how the nets are pulled up. Happy hooping! I am looking into the same type of contraption. I love lobsters but I have a shoulder problem.

IMO - using a line hauler like that for hooping Lobster is like using an electric reel to catch Calico Bass. One of the funnest things for me while pulling nets it to feel the bugs kicking back.

Sea ya next tide,
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