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Bugs in SMB?

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Been reading many reports of Bugs at Catalina. Any crawling / success in SMB recently? Not looking for spots, just whether it is worth the attempt as I am trying to entertain an east coaster this weekend. Appreciate any feedback.

Triple Threat
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Very SLOW!
Throw in waves that were 6 feet over the top of the MDR breakwater this morning . . .

I'd say don't even bother. JMO.

Happy Holidays Greg!

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
Its been very slow but maybe by this weekend after the big swells calm down they might be crawling.

You can also give Palos Verdes a try if you do not want to run across to Catalina.

Good Luck!

Dive Deep and Fish Hard!

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Like the boys said, keep an eye on the swell. Then if it feels safe, give it a try and you tell us if the bugs are in the bay. I have not heard a good bay bug report in quite some time.
Thanks all for the feedback. Depending on the swell we may give it a shot - though it sounds like a long shot. Will post if we have success.

Triple Threat
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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