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Buts the good and the bad.

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Lets hear your best and worst day of catching buts this year."05" I had a few but the best day was 26 fish(all were 26 plus inches) and only 3 were kept. It was downright wfo. Big fish this year was a 36 lber.

Worst day was hooking a monster hen(50 plus) and getting her to the boat 3 times only to watch her make that last head shake and spit the hook and watch her sink out. Bummer.

Stu,Dave,Bob and Dustin Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Boys.

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Hiya wishes to you in the new year!

I didn't target the butts this year as much as I used to...didn't renew my commercial license for the year; too much other stuff going on.
My biggest was a 32; I think it was early July outside of Marmetta...12 fathoms, bounce gear. Tough fish, spunky girl. Sardine in the hoochie.
Got a handful in the 20's, with another handful in the teens. Most fish were island fish; coast was more slow than it was anything else.

Biggest ever was actually a coastal girl at 44lbs...late June, up the line from town. Again, bounce gear. This was 4 or 5 years ago...she was a bit of work! That was a good commercial and had the big girl, two over 30, and three over 20.
She came up like a big brown door. BSB that day too.
Made a few pennies!

Best commercial day was 16 fish on the coast....all from way up the line. All between 10 and 30. Sweet day.

My Three Sons
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Unbelieveable day! You are indeed the master. No stories from me I'm afraid, no many days on the water with work, family and the like. I did enjoy the fishocampothingorama though. I did however have a personal best on the quail in 2005. Limits on 3 trips with a few other trips near limits on public land close to Los Angeles. I hope that doesn't belong on the new "Private Boaters Reports, But not Fishing report" board (LoL). Happy New Year!
A/K/A Private Boat "Fin-Addict"
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Chris, I need to talk to you about pig hunting!

My Three Sons
Nice to see your still around David .... Have to say 05 was not the year for fishing up this way. Weather made it tought to plan trips and we only pulled a couple flat ones all year and nothing over 10lbs. Will have to make a point on getting down and fishing the islands a lot more this year. Keep in touch.

Pig Hunting? Is that what we are calling it now Mr Pratt?
>Pig Hunting? Is that what we are calling it now Mr Pratt?

Too funny Dustin!!!!!!!!! Yeah I am still here, I am heading your way again soon another Deployment srp.

Whats up Chris? Sounds like you have been whacking the birds. The duck hunting has been real good.

Take care,
SRP site is closing down here. Not sure when your scheduled to come up David, but you may be flying to FT Lewis WA. That is where the SRP site is moved to ...... not sure when they are closing down, but thought it was VERY soon! Let me know if you come up .. you know your welcome to stay at the house. Moved so call me if your heading this way.

I had 3 trips in a row (L.A. Harbor) over a 3 Saturday stretch
where I managed a limit, or more, of legal Halibut while being
on the anchor. I would have never thunk (is that a word?) it
could happen, but/and it happened. Even more rewarding was some
of these limits came in as little as 1 hours time, annnnnd I
was able to successfully tag and release 95% of the Halibut.

I missed a 42 pound Halibut by one day, someone caught it the
day before one of my trips, and I also missed 36 pound Halibut
the day after one of my trips ON THE SAME SPOT. These fish weren't
stacked up either, they rolled-in with the tide and the bait.

If you've never seen 30-50 Halibut chase a ball of bait, well
strap-in and hold-on because your in for A RUSH that you've never
experienced before. Seeing it was one thing, but being able to
lob a sardine in the middle of it and have each bait inhailed by
a Halibut was something totally and completely different.

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
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Pretty cool John, The funniest thing that happened to me this year was watching a small fish jump out of the water chasing my bait. I must say watching them horde in on a bait ball is a rare sight must have been quite a sight.

Take it easy.
I'm hoping to fire-up the Halibut sticks this weekend
and see what I can find, it's been way too long.

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
Best day last year was fishing with Craig on UnReel in the harbor and finding a new honey hole. A little finger of 25' water that protruded into 50' water and almost every pass we made over the edge we got bite by a good fish. I ended up with a #34 and #21 and Craig got a #13 and a #19 and he lost another one over #20 on the surface as well. We where done a little after noontime. Great trip forsure.

Only had three bad trips buttn inside the harbor and the where all for goose eggs.

Also, it was the best year for big fish on the UnReel to date. For the 6 or 7 trips , we put 12 butts over #13 pounds on board with a total weight of 255 lbs, or a #21 average. Only a dozen or more short fish as well.

Cant wait to get back out and get my first big butt for the 06 season.
Freud had pen.. envy and I got butt envy. Maybe I'll learn to fish the butts someday.

Nice work gents.
Well, there were a few memorable days...

40 lb was the toad this year, lost bigger as well...

Had my share of goose eggs too.


"to fish or not to that's a dumb question!"
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Most always fishing for Halibut with just my 3 and 5 year old sons, I managed I think about 6 keepers last season. Nothing over 12 lbs.
I fished mostly in the same area in LA HARBOR. I think I released about 30 shorties.
As my boys are getting older, they are learning to keep the bait in the water and this should only increase our odds! Most of the time I am tying hooks and/or baiting a rig, not too mention cleaning up all the gum and candy wrappers!!!
Halibut fishing is a great inexpensive type of fishing for me and my boys. it not only is peaceful but it allows time for my boys to cast the jigs. Something about kids and casting?!

I am heading out tonight or in the morning.
i was down in LB yesterday and the water looked terrific!
Going to try a new area for some butts!
Yes, I am taking the 2 oldest boys!
Great day there David. Sweet!

No "Quantity" hits 4 us this past year but overall some decent scores and quality. Did manage one drift for 3 nicer fish in the 25 to 30-lb class (all full of eggs and released unharmed) along with a 35-lb Hen. That's it! Our biggest local hits were mostly on those wsb for x-limits of fish to 35-lbs. Fun.

Ok, I have to admit: I'm still hooked thinking about those monster tuna. They do tend to pull a slight bit harder then ole Rosey :)
Im not Mr halibut but a few years ago I went solo up to Naples on a cold winter morning. The day started off by snaging some kelp and watching my rod slip out of my hand. As the rod started to sink I had time to consider dive or not to dive? Well I jumped in to 53 degree water and saved my stick. I climbed back on the boat wet and cold. All I had was my stormy seas jacket and slickers so I baited both rods and tried to warm up. Not long after my oops one rod is bendo and after a good fight my coastal best comes on board at 25lbs. Im stoked!! Before I had a chance to clean up bendo #2. This is to good to be true 23lbs in the box. I guess going camando is the hot ticket. Stuart 23' Parker GRAYLIGHT
Here's a pic of our best day last year, they go #13,19,21,34 all taken off a 20' by 20' spot.

Me and my pb of #34 from the bunch above

and Craig with his #19 from the bunch above
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You have pics, yes?
Frightened turtle.

My Three Sons
Best day, fathers day fishing with some buddies on a wide open bite for seabass. I droped a live squid down on a white 6Xjr and put my rod in the holder with the clicker on. I just opened a frosty beverage when I see my line start to get an angle. Seabass don't always hit it hard but it did stick. Wind it up and here's a nice seabass. High 5's and back down with a new bait. Back to the beverage when I see my bait get slamed. Not much of a fight but it was a heavy fish.
Surpise, a nice halibut.
Both fish weighed in at 42#'s, back to back 42's WOW. What a day!

Worst day, all the way to Miguel for nothing. Then to Rosa, not even a nibble. I gave up and headed home. Still a nice day on the water.

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