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Come one, come all to celebrate the life of the late and certainly great Captain Fred Archer on September 13th, 2014, marking his 71st birthday, in appreciation of what a truly awesome very motivational ballbuster he was.
Despite adhering to a mostly strict diet of Popov vodka and steak or torch seared fish, either his heart or his kidneys (both were failing) didn't agree with the onion rings and beer he had with a friend over at Oggi's on December 30, 2014 following his dialysis session.
To the last day of his life the old salt did it his way, living by his own rules. He was tough most of his life, especially on those he loved. He was like a big kid. The last few years of his life were ones of change and growth. In October of 2013, Fred mourned the tragic early death of his son Casey, alongside his daughter Kristin, her husband Glen and ex wife Ginger, reaching out to many people he knew and had lost touch with during his own illness.
Known to some as “One Match Archer” Fred really enjoyed chain smoking. A lifelong flirt and larger and louder than life character, he knew every employees name at the grocery store. He spent his time researching and teaching others how to fish more effectively. He was a big fan of writing long office memos, writing long forum post rebuttals & writing long personal letters. He was a combat Vietnam Veteran, hockey coach (according to Fred to the most magnificent players and best guys ever), lover of all animals (especially black labs), mentor to many, contributing writer to the big 3 (Saltwater Sportsman, The Big Game Fishing Journal, and Sport Fishing) magazines, well respected author of 15 books, highly regarded generous forum contributor, inventor of the original and easily the best composite spreader bar, charter boat Captain, shark aficionado, catch and release supporter.
Fred didn't blend into a crowd, a "Joisey" boy, loud, friendly, stubborn, opinionated and big hearted like no other. He had a heart so big it matched the size of his fat head. Colorful words offered to any and everyone in his path a glimpse of the interesting world that lie inside. If you were close, you knew the secret ring to reach him on the phone. Real close and he would call you just to play some music real loud while singing along. Cursing from his mouth half the time meant he cared. He signed his name with an F. He didn't explain himself & he never hid his feelings... don't think he knew how.

lover of : the ocean and the fish that call it their home-a well run hospital- hybrid melons-
hater of :snotty people, the "easy" way and being subtle

He poured his dedication and curiosity into the sport of fishing, researching method through trial and error. Responsible for so much innovation and known for being an open knowledgebase in the fishing community, he was a celebrity.

Maybe he sent you a copy of Rainbow Bridge when you lost a beloved pet or you went head to head with him on a fishing forum. Maybe he influenced you in some big or small way and improved your fishing skills. Maybe you were his partner in some business or a friend from high school. Maybe he pissed you off and never let you get in the last word. Whether you read one of his books, ran into him just once, emailed back and forth but never met in person or played a bigger role in his life, please share your words and experiences.

Fred left a distinct impression on everyone in his path. He either offended you in some way or you adored him. Sometimes both. Please join his 2 labs Black Bart and Shadow on Sept 13th 2014 at the OC Sailing & Events Center in Dana Point Harbor, CA from 1-3pm. No one is excluded from attending. There is no VIP or close friends & family only list for this celebration of Fred. If you know you are gonna stop by at some point, please post a reply to his Facebook page or on the forum where you are reading this.

**SUBMIT A STORY Whether you can attend or not, if you have an experience with Fred or one because of him, positive or not (we aren’t great all the time), please share it either by phone or email . Include dates, places & names if you remember them . I am compiling a book for him because he would love it. Fred’s story, much like his books will be broken into subchapters. I am a close friend and neighbor that only knew Fred for the last 6 sick years of his life. He meant the world to me and my family and was considered family in my home. There was such a well traveled person that lived a thousand lives before he got sick. These experiences made him the Fred I knew.
Thanks. You can reach me at 760-412-2337 CALL OR TEXT or email [email protected]

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