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Casting ONLY a 1/4oz FLEEING SHRIMP For Distance After Review!

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Today's Mail Had a Box of Live Target's FLEEING SHRIMP in it!

I never had this one yet. I really wanted to start using the ones i've received. Badly. But i've always had Medium to HD rated rods & lacked the UL to L rated rods. I do have lighter rated rods that i no longer throw so was slowly putting together an arsenal of lighter powered long length casting & spinning rods.

I found myself getting Celilo's. I really wasn't sure on this choice so i started with a 9'6" C model. A solid start i feel. Then i got another Celilo at 9'6", but a S model. I then wanted to get several more in shorter lengths starting at 5'6" to 8'7" but i seem to have started a resurgence in Celilo's. Even a local Ewa Beach Store sold out on Oahu.

So i'm deciding to get one off Temu. My first 2 orders went well. And for UL at 5'6" i won't be targeting large Tucs or Knives (or at least i hope not). I do would like to get a 6'9" & a 8'7". All the ones i marked on eBay & Amazon has mysteriously sold out. Hmmmm? I wonder who's responsible for this?

My interest for the battle of the "lighter fare" was just to continue my hiking. I've lost a lot of weight this past year walking the beaches. Now i'd like to hit the streams as well. Plus i'm receiving an immense amount of lures that i really want to use. Over half of them are under 1oz. So i'm putting together what i feel are pieces that i won't have to give away years latter.

So i've changed my fishing styles and the majority of my gear doesn't reflect this. I'm slowly taking care of this issue. I used to fish "light" before but went on to other styles to try them all. It felt good today casting light rigs on light gear. Even though it was at a park. My body isn't hurting & i feel more "connected" to my gear choices.

In this segment some of the issues i covered-
Metric Fishing Line Reader.
Usage of Lesser Strength Rods For Lighter Applications.
Live Target Shrimp Lures.
Why Use Longer Rods Over Shorter Lengths?
Casting Light Lures Over Distance & Why?
Starting to Convert my Accessories to Gomexus.

I'll eventually will show smaller lures to other equipment not released yet.


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