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Cat Island Hop Netting on 01/28-01/29, Anyone else going?

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I'm heading the Catalina Sat morning (01/28) and plan to fish during daylight and hop net at night through Sun. morning (01/29).

Does anyone else plan on going?

I'll be monitoring 68 and 72.
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We will be there towards the tail end of Sat afternoon to hoop Sat night. Good luck to you!! We monitor 72 , BIG TENTACLES OUT !!!
It's always a possibilty for me during Lobster Season (Sat and/or Sun).
I'll know more as the week progresses.

Either way, Good Luck!

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
BT, John whats your handles?
We monitor channel 72. Name of boat is BIG TENTACLES. I will hail you as well. I wont be on the water untill Saturday @ 5pm. BIG TENTACLES OUT !!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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