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Cat. or SMB - Sat.

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Split between heading to Cat. for an overnight trip (Sat. to Sun.) or SMB on Sat.

Just wondering if anyone has heard of any action besides squid. I heard the squid is still pretty thick on the East end, but no real reports of fish being caught.

As for SMB, I would head north and try my luck for a few halibut.
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Hi Derek . .

I wish I knew what I was doing this weekend.
I may go to SMB and I may not.
I may go to Dana Point and I may not.
I may go to Catalina and I may not.
I may not go at all . . .

I can give you a little Catalina info . . . (714) 342-5224.

My work schedule this week has been BRUTAL! }(

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
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