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Cat question

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I've done many overnighters to the island, but have never set foot on the island.

I know how to hail the harbor patrol for moorning and or water shuttle service, but what if I take a digny??

Is there a place to park the digny at Avalon or do people just put it on the beach??

Any advice??


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Assuming it's 13' or less, the dink docks are located at the Green pier on either side, and by the casino in the winter, in the summer there is one by the flyer landing, aka: Mole, and one next to the Tuna Club.
Hanging in Avalon is very cool in Winter. Locals are way more pleasant, and there aren't a ton of people.

I tie up my 14 footer all the time. No hassles ever. I ALWAYS lock it up. I'v heard a few stories of them floating away. Although these stories are not common, I still protect my stuff.

Shore boat is $4 each way. Yep, ouch. If you need the service, drop off everyone at the pier, and go park the boat solo. You'll save $8 per person. That's more Mai Tais.
I've never had my dingy stolen, but someone did "borrow" it once. After paying to get back to my boat the shore boat found it floating out in the rows and gave me a lift to retrieve it (no charge!). I still don't lock it up (maybe I subconsciencly want to buy a new one?)

HP in Avalon treats stolen dingys like capital punishment, much like spraying green dye in the water. They take it very seriously. I remember once sitting on the can, and about 10 police vehicles showed up at the dink dock at once, with siren's blazing. I went over to find out what was happening, yup you guessed it, they were arresting a local stealing a dink.
Not trying to hijack this thread but I have an additional question. Are there places to shower at the island? I want to take the wife there soon and hang out for a few days.
There are public showers (coin op) near the Tuna Club.

Be advised they are getting squirrely about dingies that have outboards, with no CF numbers. I was quizzed but not cited as the kid recalled me coming over every year but they are getting more hardcore about it in order to find stolen dingies and motors. Definately lock your dingy to the dock(please use a long cable so the rest of us can also get a spot), as the drunks will borrow them at 2 am if the shoreboat isn't running...
Definitly lock your dingy. I had my 8' avon dingy "borrowed" from the dingy dock at the green pier. I came back to find it filled with beer cans and Jack bottle's. They also ripped the bottom out of it near the bow causing it to flood when underway. God only knows how many people they had in it.

Also, I was on the island last weekend and the shore boat is now up to $4.75 each way.
>>>>>"(please use a long cable so the rest of us can also get a spot),>>>"
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