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Took off on a solo mission to Cat Sunday evening in a quest to get my first 08 C-bass. Launched from Davies in Long Beach sometime around sunset. Got a great scoop of squid from the boys on the new bait receiver just outside Alamitos bay. Ran over to the grounds at 17kts. Dropped the hook and crossed my fingers. No action during the night for me but I got a couple takers as soon as the sun came up. Went 1 for 3 on big tails. Pulled the hook on one and lost another big tail to my anchor line. Almost lost this one as well. After unwrapping 10 wraps of spectra from the anchor line I was able to boat this 38.2# Cat tail. Thankfully the tail hit the kelp cutter rig and the spectra saved the fish. Anyway, here's my P.B tail. beat my old PB by 1.2 #'s.

After catching the tail I tried to get me a ghost but just never connected with one. Didn't see many fish caught today and the action seemed slower. Still a good run for a great grade of fish. Weather was nice, seas where calm , wind was light, and the boat traffic was light. Also, got the fish in 90' and it hit a squid on a 3/0 red Owner live bait hook with a 1/8 ounce slider on 4' of 30# fluro to 40# green power pro.

Tight line,
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