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Myself and Jim will be hoopin sunday night. Anyone else going over??? We will launch fron davies @ 2:30pm . BIG TENTACLES OUT !!!!
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If you see someone lurking out there on an Anderson 17, could be me...feel free to try me on 68..

Welcome back Greg!
I tried THAT SPOT for the first time last Friday night.
We managed 9 until midnight, 4 of us.
5 legals just like that and it fell on it's face.
Current died and rocks everywhere! x(
Mainly fished the point and west to the next boiler.
4#'s was the biggest.

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
We will hail you Greg. Good luck over there. BIG TENTACLES OUT !!!
I'll be there Saturday night after Little league try-outs leaving about 3PM going with wife and kids 10 nets I will try an old spot tryed and true becouse my wife is on board and if we don't catch something I will never hear the end of it.

28 Albin TE
Have a good trip guys. If the water is nice, i take my son and his friends to the Island Sunday for a quick trip and hunt for a bone bite. If anyone knows of any good action, please let me know...I wold love to get these kids on a bite...THEY REALLY NEED IT....I won't go into details, but if you (ANYONE) have a hot spot you are sitting on....I WOULD BE GRATEFUL.

Thanks in advance.

Hey Mike, I may be launching out of Dana Point Sunday. Not much of a bite down there. But if the boys are interested, there have been many whales in the area from Dana Point South.

Thanks eddie,

I was just thinking about that...saw a few reports in the San Diego area about lots of whales.....I still get a rush every time i see one...last year i took my in-laws out on Christmas Eve just off Laguna, and a whale did a complete breach about 200 yards in front of the boat, (about 500 yards of shore)...believe it or not, we all were looking in the RIGHT direction and saw it....later a calf must have breached 10-15 times, some full, but most were half and 3/4. What a was the first time my in-laws had ever seen a whale in the wild......I will keep my eyes open...great idea, thanks.

The plan is to leave the house about 6 am, and be on the water by 6:30-6:45...I think we are going to hit the Island for some bones at the harbor and see if anything else might be going on....

Give me a shout on 72.

or a call on the cell 949-280-8656. If i don't answer, leave a's my work cell, and i don't answer it on the weekends unless i recognize the number.

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Where do your kid's play Little League? I'm the player agent over at Long Beach Little League and we have tryouts this weekend. Just curious if we have any future Allcoasters playing Little League in Long Beach. Good luck at the island.

The Dalton Boys
21ft Parker
>>>>"I'm the player agent over at Long Beach Little League"
My Kids Play at Alhambra American in West Alhambra I'm the Manager of the Rangers a Tinnys team 7 and 8 year olds my oldes some is 7. Just got back from tryouts and do I have my job cut out for me.

My twins boys are 5 and they will be on a T-Ball team the Padre's which I will coach so there go's most of my fishing time well theres always Sundays.

Just got back from the coaches clinic....I have managed for the past 5 seasons, but decided to step down this season...luckily my sons new manager asked if i would i am back in the saddle.....i am also assisting my daughters first season in Soft Ball...I think i may have just bitten off to much...we shall see....I am really looking forward to coaching instead of managing.....much less stress.

Good luck with t-ball..those were the days.....All the the way up to AAA i had a box full of toys, cars, baseball cards, etc....Every kid always got at least one game ball and one prize during the season, no matter how poorly they played.....big lots always has great deals....i also gave out a pack of gum to each kid after the game...this way ever kid went home with something special......
good luck over there sunday john. be safe and limit out in an hour. :)

Gettin' Ugly
Thats the game plan Glendon !! How did ya know LOL ! Ill give you and your pop a report on Tuesday BRO. BIG TENTACLES OUT !!!
Didn't go...Weather looked out of control with heavy NE...looked like a tough day to say the least at Catalina...Talked to some guys who just came back from the gap at Santa Cruz Island, they had their tails between their legs..."we didn't know if we were going to make it"...hard to know if this reflected reality, or inexperience...the way it looked I would guess reality...

From my Reel Time Report Today

Just got a call from Fishrtrembling. Yesterday they scored limits of Bonito and saved some to go hooping last night. Then the wind came up and blew them off the water. They spent the night in Avalon unable to make the crossing home due to very rough conditions. They are now running for home in rough but doable conditions but it's still nasty. 5 to 10 ft seas. "Victory at Sea YeHaa"
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