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Read the great reports and saw the pictures of the WSB going off at Catalina. Got my blood going. Had to give it another try. Got additional information from Eric of "Getsum" (BD's)who was nice to respond to my private message. Left Davies at 4am and got squid from the Carnage just East of Avalon. Went around the East End and saw a small fleet at the Vee's and Silver Canyon area. Water temp was 61.4. Had squid on a white jig, dropper loop, egg sinker and flylining. All for not. Moved in closer and got 15 Calico's, 5 Blue Perch, 3 small YT. All released. Stayed until 11am before going to the front side trolling for Bonito, but no Bonito. Got 6 more Calicos (released). Front side water temp 64. I am 0/3 on the WSB. Radio talk was serveral boats got a few early in the dark/grey. Get there early. Next time I am staying the night.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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