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Catalina Squid Info?

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I am heading out to Catalina tonight, and was wondering if
the squid is still thick at the west end where I was hoping
to go? Any recent info would be helpfull. I know we did well
at empire 3 weeks ago but thats ancient history.


Brian C
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Went to CAT Wednesday night the 8th.

There were squid deep on the meter just 1/4 mile east of Avalon harbor with 1 commercial boat trying to bring them up.

Most light boats and seiners were spread out on the back side, from the east end light to China Point, at 150-250 feet or so. Most were in deep water and you could see squid fishermen on light boats bringing them up on squid jigs. It was too late so we bought squid from Pacific Carnage in the 3rd V area, closer-in than most other squid boats were fishing - probably 125 feet or so. See my CAT hooping and fishing report from yesterday and photo of float next to Pacific Carnage. Saw a couple of other seiners pulling nets full of squid.

On the west end, we saw a few squid boats anchored in the general area between Lobster Bay and Ribbon Rock during daylight. Did not see any further west. I'm not sure if they were there all night or whether just moved-in for the day for R&R.

We did not put out any lights on either the front or back side and did not see any squid boats at all on the front side except the one just east of Avalon.

If going over tonight looking for squid, I would probably try the back side, east, near V's. Put out lights and go deep with squid jigs and hope they come up and float.
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Last Saturday I metered squid off the East point of West Cove. HardFisn'n.
Metering them is one thing.....getting them to float for you is quite another......hope they come up for ya!
There squid boats were at the west on the 12 and 13th (more on the 12th)....also at the V's and just out side of Huntington harbor there were a ton of squid boats with good floats.
You won't have trouble finding the squid, but as Wideopen suggests, the float is another matter. As others said, bring the jigs and you should be able to make enough even if they are down deep. Much more work but at least you'll have them.
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