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Catalina tonight, 1-27-06 SEABASS?

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Looks like I will be taking the Horndog to Catalina tonight with my Buddy Bill. Leaving about 1830 or 1900. Start out with a little hooping, find a little squid, and hopefully something thatâ??s hungry for some candy. Got my first BSB on the trip before last. Got the first YT for the new boat on the last trip. Hope the roll continues!!!

With no reports from Danny, does anyone know if thereâ??s any kind of a bite going on anywhere. I guess thereâ??s squid at both ends. With the price of gas, I would like to start with a game plan. Last week we killed the squid at Silver Canyon, but Iâ??m thinking of trying the west end this time. Trying to learn new spots and I have never anchored up there. Were having a cold dinner. Just sandwiches so if itâ??s bumpy it wonâ??t be any big deal. Iâ??ll be on 72, good luck everyone, letâ??s get um.

Parker 2520
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It might be bumpy, windy, and cold for your crossing.
Good Luck, be safe!

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
I agree with John. NOAA is calling for a stiff 10-20 knots today and tonight. It will be windy is most areas all weekend. I know NOAA is advertising less than 10 Saturday for that area but I bet it blows harder.

Good luck!
Good luck tonight! Sorry I'm unable to join you this weekend, but Momma's getting too nervious about the baby. Any time now...

Be careful, and call me when you get back.
Hey John......I'm leaving HH @ 1900 hrs.....give me a shout on Ch 69.

Don't let a little breeze scare you. It just keeps the fair weather fisherman at home.

Good Luck and Bent Rods!!!

WSB or bust!!!!
Mike, Unless my buddy bails I'm in. I'll call ya.

Parker 2520
Good luck guys,

I'd try around the same areas you mentioned and based on conditions move accordingly. I hope to see a nice report and some great pics...

Go get em!

Cheers, Bill

â??If your not part of the solution... you're part of the problem"
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>Good luck guys,
> I hope to see a nice report and
>some great pics...
>Go get em!
>Cheers, Bill

Thanks Bill.......I have Cory on I know we will have pics and a report for sure!!!

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