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Large Bonefish Was Released After Hitting a Live Crab For Bait!

This large bay has reef species such as Jacks to Bonefish as it connects to the ocean miles away. The water has low visibility with a low salinity & oxygen level due to fresh water runoffs & a limited connection to the ocean. So larger species need extra time to be resuscitated if you plan on Catching & Releasing your catches. Not much pollution as the 70's as the State levied boat & dock owners large fines for runoffs.

Today i used a rod that my friend Jeff Robles gave to me 4yrs ago, well actually a bunch of them. The original SST Rods by Okuma. The copper colored rod i used today did well under load. 9ft in 2pcs, Rated for 10-30lb line & 1/2-2oz casting weight. Guides are very sturdy & for a semi-stiff rod the flexability is still there. Actually i was quite pleased with how it performed. Will try lures & jigs next.

I also used Mustad's O'Shaughnessy Ultra Point 2/0 Ringed Hooks today for the first time w/live Mangrove Crab. The hard fighting Bonefish couldn't shake it off! I'm sold. I normally use Ultra Point 3/0 Ringed Hooks for dunking live baits. I also "shared" my usage & love of Mustad's Ball Bearing Swivels W/W Rings at 3/100. I can switch to plugging lures, casting jigs to "Carolining" my rigs & now bait casting without cutting them off!

Sorry to say this is typical Fall time in Hawaii. Either big hits or not much at all. Yesterday i lost my entire casting rig to a Barracuda around 3-1/2ft! It was terrorizing a school of Tilapia. Last week i had a GT strike but after 11min it spit the hook when it doved into the mangroves for the 2nd time. Right now trying to stick to highways like the H3 & drive straight to my destinations to save on gas. Trying to stay away from North Shore & Country destinations.

I hope this "light" look at a typical morning for me is entertaining for my viewers. Anyday that i have to clean fish slime off my gloves is a good day.



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