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Chn Islands

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Incredible Wx! Flat, clear, calm.

Anyone else thinking about scouting the islands for seabass and 'butts in the near future?
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Mike - I'm going on Saturday. Was going to do China but may bend it up to Rosa. What sorta dope do you got? Any squid reports? Craig.

Parker 2320
ch 18/68
Not hearing much up that way, is anyone fishing up there?

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
I'll be out a couple days of the Presidents Holiday weekend.

My Three Sons
Going in to Eric Monday...was just over at Stuart's; Eric was rigging the new kicker for Stuart...I'm dragging my boat to Eric's shop in the Nard Monday at lunch....Eric will dial it all in for me, fingers are crossed.
Time to get on the water.
We'll still going with Bill?

My Three Sons
They're coming! From the main board:

SEABASS!!! Phantom report 2-11-06"

Just heard the Phantom was out on a goof-off trip at Catalina today and landed 10 White Seabass from 30-55 pounds out of 20 hookups. They would have landed more fish, but they were unprepared with smaller line. Reported good conditions and saw excellent sign. Water temperature close to 60 degrees. 1 close to 55 pounds, 3 over 40, and 6 in the 30 pound range. No location given. The Seahawk also had 3 seabass this morning in the 20-30 pound range. Looks like things are starting to pop.

Good fishing,

The Rail is my friend.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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