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CIA Meet & Eat January over see you next month!

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CIA Meet & Eat for January
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Thursday January 19th 2006
No-Host Bar opens 7pm, meeting 7:30 [font color=blue]

We will meet at the Channel Islands Yacht Club, on the west side of the harbor; it is just down the road from the Whales Tail & Port Royal. The address is 4100 Harbor Blvd., Oxnard, CA 93035. Phone (805) 985-6687

We will provide a buffet but I need to ask for $8.00 to defray the cost of the food. [font color=red]If you show a current RFA membership, sign up for one, or are a CIYC member the dinner will be $7.00[/font]

Iâ??m told that it will be a Chicken Parmasan dinner with all the fixens salad and desert.

The YC is providing a bartender for a no-host bar. I have invited the CIYC Anglers Club members as well.
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Joel (Linglover) Greenberg will be our speaker and will talk about fishing COW Town and a update on fishing politics. [/font]

Bring your fishing info, pictures or videos to share. If you have items related to fishing to sell or swap bring them along.

We will have a RFA drawing with some neat fishing related stuff including a bag from WFO. [font color=red] Joel is bringing a Shimano reel that was donated also for the raffle. [/font]

If you think you might attend please respond to my E-Mail, [email protected] so I know how much food to make.

Frank Sullivan, Director CIYC
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RE: CIA Meet & Eat Thursday January 19th!

Looks from the e-mail responses like we should have a pretty good turn out for the 1st M&E of the Year!
RE: CIA Meet & Eat Thursday January 19th!

I'm glad to hear that Frank because they certainly weren't indicating that here.

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
RE: CIA Meet & Eat Thursday January 19th!

Stuart and I are coming down!

Shoulda emailed...whoops sorry.

My Three Sons
RE: CIA Meet & Eat Thursday January 19th!

Thanks John. I've found that when you pin a topic to the top of the board it basically becomes invisable its usually better to let it float! Look at the same post on the general board lots more hits
RE: CIA Meet & Eat Thursday January 19th!

Unpinned Frank, I was just trying to help.

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
RE: CIA Meet & Eat Thursday January 19th!

Frank, can't thank you enough for putting these meetings together along with the tasty dinner and neat raffle prizes. Anyone in the North should attend and share their favorite fishing and hooping spots!
Count on 3 of us

22'Glastron WA/Cuddy
Sea Fury
RE: CIA Meet & Eat Thursday January 19th!

No problem, I appreciate it. Just the way things seem to work1
RE: CIA Meet & Eat Thursday January 19th!

There goes the neighborhood, thanks for the warning. :p

I need to wait for my parts delivery but if they get here in time Im there, :p
RE: CIA Meet & Eat Thursday January 19th!

I'm trying to make it but can't 100% commit. I know that kind of response doesn't help your food planning so am sorry about the uncertainty. Work stuff. I'm pretty hopeful.
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