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March 31, 2006 For Immediate Release.

The Coastside Fishing Club, Northern Californiaâ??s largest saltwater
fishing organization with over 12,000 members, will hold a rally and press
conference in Sacramento on Tuesday April 4th, 2006 to address the
proposed salmon fishing closure off California. Being held to coincide with
the Pacific Fishery Management Council's consideration of this issue,
Coastside will discuss the facts of the health of the river and explain
why a closure will not solve the problem.

"We just want to shine the light of truth on this situation and hold
off what will be an economic disaster," said Bob Franko, Founder of
Coastside. "The truth is that there are 55,000 spawners returning to the
river of which 32,000 will be natural spawners, the tenth highest return
in 25 years. Past history shows that the river can reproduce a healthy
run of salmon on as few as 12,000 spawners. This is not a dwindling
resource as some have said, it is a healthy return to a very sick river."

NOAA Fisheries says that just the recreational fishery for salmon in
California has an economic impact of $671 million. Boat operators, bait
shops retailers and tackle manufacturers will incur substantial losses
on an already hard hit industry. To cancel the salmon season is an
economic disaster and is not justified by the facts. The facts are that the
river has parasites and insufficient flows for returning salmon and
this is a direct result of the administration's water policies which are
degrading the river habitat and lowering the river's carrying capacity.
Coastside believes that this closure is a clear attempt to shift the
blame for reduced habitat from poor water management by claiming that
there is an over fishing problem which does not exist. The rally will be
in support of the PFMC's Option 1, believing that anything short of the
season that was set for 2005 will be a disaster for the recreational
fishing community.

The actual salmon stocks on the ocean are at some of the highest levels
that they have been in history. Solid hatchery programs and current
regulatory applications have been extremely successful in building a
solid fishery for both sport and commercial participation.

Here is the information on the rally.
Tuesday, April 4th, from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM
Farallon Boat Facility
3121 Evergreen Street
West Sacramento, CA 95691

Speakers will include some of the largest retailers and manufactures in
the area. Ken Elie, owner Outdoor Pro Shops in Oakland and Rohnert
Park, Jonah Li, owner Hiâ??s Tackle Box in San Francisco, Glenn Fukumoto,
manager Fishermanâ??s Warehouse in San Jose, Joe Carter, President of
Farallon Boats, Chris Hall Coastside president, and Bob Franko Coastside
founder and chairman

At the conclusion of the rally, we will then move to the Doubletree
Hotel, (2001 Point West Way, Sacramento CA 95815) to offer public
testimony to the PFMC on the proposed salmon management plan.

For information please contact
Chris Hall
President of Coastside Fishing Club
(209) 613-6050

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Hi JSea,

Hope you give the Fishing Clubs Board a little love too. :) Wouldn't hurt to post this as a fishing club activity announcement.

The way Google coughs up search results .... it never hurts to have an extra prominent word(s) or two that legit. Promotes clubs, membership drives, tournaments, and events too.


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