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colorado river stripes

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Going to the river and need to know how to get a current fish report, and how to find local guides. is it on /on big fish, and is there bait up now, and the bst area?
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Try getting a current copy of WON (Western Outdoor News)or maybe someone else knows of a specific Website?
There is nothing current about the Week O ld News!
Paul and I were just there a couple weeks ago and fished for stripers.
We went to Willow Beach and rented a boat for half a day and then hit Vegas.
I can send you a phone number that will give you all the info you will need.
I am at work right now so it won't be until later tonight...

RE: Colorado river stripes

I might head over to Mohave in the next couple of days. It's either there or the Sol Cal coast since I have some time off and want to go fishing. Mohave is good for double digit stripers if you can find them. A few up to 47 pounds have been caught in recent weeks since they started stocking trout.

I usually fish Cottonwood Cove up towards Willow Beach. Check out this website:

Give me a holler if you see me there, my rig is a 24' Trophy, "Driftwood". It has an enclosed pilot house, blue and grey hull.
RE: Colorado river stripes

Shouldn't this be on the freshwater board or the PB BS board?
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RE: Colorado river stripes

Cappy John is the Man

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RE: Colorado river stripes

I second that on Capt John,I've fish with him on the Spirit of Adventure for the last 3or4 years and he's a super nice guy.Give hiom a call and ask for a report.Good Luck! Dale
here's the latest (Today) report from the Las Vegas Review Journal:

A.C. and his boys have been getting some dogs at Mojave in the last few weeks, from what I hear on the grapevine at work...
Where on the river? If it's Mojave you can usually get the school size off the points soaking cut anchovie. I've found the bigger fish in the coves throwing big baits, persistance pays off.
I just returned from the Lake Havasu area yesterday and just saw this post.

They were catching buckets of 12-14 inch stripers right off the launching/dock area next to the Beachcomber resort on the island.

Here is unquestionably the best F & G website I have ever seen. Look at all the info on water levels, places to fish, stocking, etc., all readily accessible. Check out the details in the fishing reports.
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