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coming to HI

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I will be in the islands in late June and early July. I am already guided on Oahu for Peacock and Bones, but I will be on Kauai and Molokai for a few days a piece. I would like to get some fishing information from you guys about these islands. I am not looking for charter boats, did that last time in the islands. I am bringing the fly rods and a spirit of adventure;)

Any info can only make it better so thanks in advance.
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Check these guys out on Oahu.
As for Kauai, I fished from shore on Tunnels Beach. Wear reef boots and walk out as far as you can. The water drops off deep. Throw grubs or spinnerbaits.
The reef goes out about 25 yds. but you can walk all the way till the dropoff and be only knee deep, but one extra step and your in deep water. The reef is thick and my kids had a blast with 3 ft bamboo rods and small hooks catching little wrasses and using tiny shrimp they caught for bait. In the deeper water you can catch Papio. The only drawback to this place is very little parking and no shade. Get there early. Felt soles should work. Wish I could join you but I wont be back to the islands until mid July.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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