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Dana Point 1/29 Harbor Patrol

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I sat at the Wind and Sea with my wife long enought to drink two beers and have some chips and salsa this afternoon.

We saw the cop in the white boat pull over

1. A 29 or so foot boat with twin outboards that had been out fishing for t-sharks. I don't think this guy got a ticket and I'm not sure why he was pulled over as he didn't appear to be doing anything wrong.

2. A dingy with two people aboard. It looked like this guy got a ticket as I saw driver's license passed to the cop. I don't know what they did wrong. They might have had expired registration. Just a guess.

3. Two kids riding a pair of jet skis. The two kids were speeding, making a good sized wake. I think both of them got a ticket too. One of the kids raised both hands above his head when he saw the lights flashing and the cop yelling at him via the hailer.

Then we saw No Worries and Capt Hook come in with their wives.

By 4:45 P.M. the show was over. The cop probably got off work at 05:00 P.M. and had a report to work on. I bet this guy wrote more tickets than a normal patrolman in a car writes in an 8 hour shift.

The guys working both boats were glassing boats as they came in.

It was very clear the white and red boats were sitting at the harbor entrance and looking for a reason to pull anyone and everyone over and write a ticket. In the past all I have seen these guys do is make the rounds every hour or so. Fishing for tickets to write is a new one.

This really makes me want to put my boat in Dana Point harbor. It looks like the county taking over Dana Point harbor is not going to be good for the long term future.

Beware the law is being enforced very strictly in Dana Point.
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I'm glad to hear their out enforcing the law. I think if you are legal and abiding by the law, then you have nothing to worry about. ;-)
This really makes me want to put my boat in Dana Point harbor. Huh?

It looks like the county taking over Dana Point harbor is not going to be good for the long term future.

So your saying that law inforcement in Dana Pt.(with all of the boat buglaries of late) is a bad thing?

I guess I'm missing your point. What is your point?
>This really makes me want to put my boat in Dana Point
>harbor. Huh?

Huh? I don't want to have my boat located in a harbor where law enforcement is on a mission to write every ticket they possibly can. I want to have my boat located in a harbor where law enforcement knows they are there to 'protect and serve'. Heavy handed law enforcement will piss people off and they will go somewhere else.

> It looks like the county taking over Dana Point harbor is not
>going to be good for the long term future.
>So your saying that law inforcement in Dana Pt.(with all of
>the boat buglaries of late) is a bad thing?

The harbor patrol is not stopping the theft problem by sitting at the harbor entrance glassing every boat that enters the harbor. If they wanted to stop the theft problem they would be patrolling the docks and aisleways looking for suspicious activities. The harbor patrol is certainly not going to stop the thefts occuring in the Embarcadero parking lot because they patrol in boats not cars. That will require the land based cops to patrol and stop suspicious behavior.

>I guess I'm missing your point. What is your point?
My point if you haven't gotten it already is, The law enforcement I witnessed was hewavy handed and it's goal was simply to write tickets. This is often associated with meeting quotas. I have departed and returned from almost every harbor in Southern California in the last 15 + years. This is the first time I have ever seen law enforcement use this tactic.

Got it?
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Agreed, those guys do it every Spring. They sit there and write registration tickets, 6mph speeding tickets, and an array of mostly BS stuff.

I would rather see their efforts at the launch ramp informing people of safety, advising people of laws etc. Further, they should be out protecting the harbor from crime by patrolling docks.

It just seems like a huge waste of money to train a guy to use a gun, teach him all these SOPs, train and drill him on lifesaving, pay him close to $100,000 per year and then put him at he harbor entrance to write 6 mph speeding tickets. Might as well just put him in a toll booth and let him collect a dollar from everyone instead.
I'm on the fence on this one. No one likes to be pulled over, but then again we all know there's people out there with short fish, no PFDs, flares, or fire extinguishers. Then there's the just plain jerks who speed or are drunk or both.

I'd welcome an inspection on the Trailer Trash anytime. Well maybe not anytime. I once had children with machine guns (Customs) sneak up on us one night at the breakwall. They were blacked out. At the last minute I saw them and nailed em with a million candlepower or so spotlight. They yelled at me, and I yelled right back at em "dont' sneak up on me!" Then I saw the machine guns and I shut the hell up.

Face it guys: On a given weekend, I bet one boat in three is missing some sort of required safety equipment and (easily) one boat in ten has no business being in the ocean at all.
I guess you did not see me come in, around 2:00. I came in at 19 kts, the diesel pouring out smoke. Black, white and grey: all at once. Is there something wrong with my engine? I guess the local law was busy with the jet ski.
I hear there are alot of breakins on B dock. Something about drinking all the beer and sleeping on the boat.
If they wanted to start a riot on the 4th of july, all they would have to do is write one BUI. Take your pick, they are all the same, > .08.
Hey Bob, how did the B-ball practicing go? Are you using flashers as well?

I have always found it to be a PITA, especially since my boat only slows to about 2-2.5 kts. The alternative is to deploy a drogue, but now were talking at least three things to monitor (counting two rods) in the water.

Plus, it seems like you spend alot of time untangling the whole B-ball setup, especially when using flashers.

Pick up any flat meat for dinner?
I may not like random stops and searches, but I think that it is necessary considering the ownership and operation of a boat is currently limited to how much you are willing to spend and insurance cost. No tests of seamanship is needed for recreational boating.

Since my boat is in Dana Point, I see a lot of what I would consider dangerous boating activity. I see a lot boats ignoring general boating rules, speeding, to many people on a boat, and overall reckless behavior. One day, we watched the harbor patrol race out as apparently a jet skier had run full speed into the jetty. Another time, we alerted the harbor patrol to a boat that obviously had to many people on board; water from swells was spilling over the gunnels as it was heading out and a couple of guys on the boat were holding onto the cabins sides.

The harbor patrols actions may appear to be heavy-handed right now, but I bet that they do this for a short period so that people will never know when they may get pulled over and will stay focused on the harbor and boating rules. The harbor is not that big, so there should not be any need for rushing.
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I got to say it's all well and good for the law to protect us from ourselves but I agree with the jist of this post. We've all seen idiots operating in an unsafe manner and if they are spotted then they should get nailed. But I believe when the law enforcement agencies decide to start writing tickets it's primarily based on generating revenue and this BS about trying to fight crime or improve boater safety is a crock. We are losing our freedoms because someone knows better. We have to wear a seat belt, we have to wear a helmet, etc. These laws do not prevent someone from infringing on someone's rights they are examples of someone deciding what's good for you whether you agree or not. If you screw up then you should pay the consequences but writing tickets for going 6 MPH sucks.

I've had my new boat for two weeks. The first time out I was boarded by the Coast Guard. The second time out I was hailed by the Navy patrol in Alamitos bay for exceeding 5 MPH. My boat does 5.5 knts at idle. I've been boating for 20 yrs, never had an incident, and have all required safety gear. I'm starting to become paranoid every time a see a law enforcement officer.


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PJ, if you're constantly untangling the bounce ball gear you may be letting the rig out too quickly when you're sending it to the bottom. Let it out as slowly as possible...or else the flasher and hoochie will trail the ball down to the mud and get all tangled on the main line as it all sinks. Then you're just bouncing a ball of mess...I Pull the line off the reel by hand sometimes, or else really slowly in free spool. you have a kicker? that'll get you slow enough.

My Three Sons
Bob, No we weren't there that early. Black, White and Grey smoke all at the same time?

That doesn't sound good.
Seeing how it does not require any special training or license to operate a private water craft, I do not have a problem with the Harbor Patrol or Coast Guard boarding a boat and checking for safety equipment or any other things that may be deemed illegal.

I personally do not believe they (Harbor Patrol) are our there to fill a "quota", but rather ensure everybody is aware of boater safety. JMO.
Last Saturday I was heading back into Alamitos on the low end of a very low tide. Ahead of me was the Coast Guard and as we reached Davies, he flagged over a couple boats that were waiting to be retrieved at the launch ramp.

I think that's a bit over the top as they've basically already finished for the day and going through a safety inspection as you're jockying for position with a group of other boaters could be frustrating.

On the plus side...., I was just real happy he didn't peg me. The water as already shallow enough and the last thing I wanted to do was go through a safety inspection while being solo on the boat in a narrow channel, at a - low tide with a breeze working against me.

All that said, I have no problems with being boarded and am glad to see these guys out there.

Cheers, Bill

â??If your not part of the solution... you're part of the problem"
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Pj. A big ZERO on the flat meat. I have it worse than you on the low idle speed, mine is 4 kts at idle. I tried dragging the downrigger weight in the mud with a release clipped to the cable 5 feet above the weight. Yes, I did use a flasher/hooche setup. No bites at all. It took a couple of times to get the release tension tight enough. No tangles. I used a 12 ball and was able to verify that with 70 feet of cable out, it dragged in 60 feet. Good info as far as blowback. I did catch two short turds on a pearl white AA swimbait.
Talk to ya on the water.
I have never had an issue with the law on the water, they have allways been very nice.
Last year I was boarded by the Coast Guard outside of Newport. They came aboard & did their inspection in about 10 minutes. They pointed out that my flares were out of date, & sent me on my way with a written warning. No big deal. They have a job to do, and that is making sure that the vessels we use are safe. JMO.
Bill, Coast Guard has been an absolute menace in our harbor in the last year....I've been pulled over 3 times...all without incident, however it took 30 minutes each time, as they went through everything each time with all 18-19 year olds doing the inspections. The last time I got pissed off and read them the riot act, as excessive force and lack of documentation. We had 3 hundred tonners onboard, and demanded to speak with their captain. They had no knowledge or record of boarding our boat in '05,even when confirming on the radio. It's basically a band of teenagers given the license to harrass boaters. On our gangway, almost every person has been boarded and harrassed at least once.....and that's saying a lot for the amount of time people actually leave their slips!

I have an e-mail into the Local Captain, and am going to try to meet him in person to discuss their tactics. Homeland security, is a security blanket for harrassment!

I did a harbor cruise with our companys board and CEO one beautiful evening, going 4 knots in the harbor, and got pulled over by CG. It was absolutely humiliating their demeanor, attitude and callusness!
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Personally, I don't have a problem with the idea of random inspections or being pulled over. I do keep the copy of all boarding handy in the Captainâ??s log, which is on the bridge with me, so there's no question as to what and when.

I've always been pulled over when I'm flying solo, never with a crowd, but at all times, they have been professional, courteous and friendly.

Of course this could be as I often point out the one or two boats I've always been suspect of in Alamitos..... there's this one boat with blue striping called the Encantada or something like that.... a real suspicious crowd there, yep.. I'd be sure to pull them over if they ever saw them on the water..... :)

Cheers, Bill

â??If your not part of the solution... you're part of the problem"
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Bill - I hear you on that minus tide that weekend. I was out too and there was not more than 18" under my props at various points in time including at my dock. Just one piece of bottom garbage away from having a big bill from Wilmington prop plus a haul-out!!

Re CG issue with them doing the job but they should do the job in an efficient, courteous, professional and reasonable manner. And, keep basic records to avoid hitting the same boater over and over again.

What do people think the #1 deficiency is? I don't know.
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