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Dana Point 2/7

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Heading down to DP Tuesday, hoping for an early launch...Anyone else going to be out? Anyone out this weekend with a report on conditions?
Still have not tried the hoop net thinh, but I bought 3 nets to try. Thinking about launching really earyl, 0200 or so, and trying outside the harbor. Any advice on that? I am still not comfortable drving too much in the dark, I do not have radar. Does anyone else out there drive around in the dark with out radar? Hoe the hell do you avoid the other traps? Besides using a spot light?

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Check the weather report before you go. It's been foggy lately. I was going out for squid on a friendâ??s boat last night, visibility was about 50â?? so we turned around and went back in. Fog is no fun.
Thanks...It appears there will be a off-shore flow, so there should be no fog, but it could mean the n-ne wind could be up...
We were out today, shark fishing off San Onofre and them bottom fishing off San Clemente pier. The whole day was low clouds, with fog hugging the coast and a cool wind out of the NW making the day chilly. Water was not rough, but there was a good 3 foot swell but it did not make drifting rough or fast and the wind did not add noticeable chop to the water. Wind was almost non-existent in the harbor when we got back.

Lot of baitfish breaking the surface while shark fishing and metered a bunch of squid between 100 and 200 feet in certain areas. Water was clean and clear.

Hope that this information helps.
>>>"Hoe the hell do you avoid the other traps? Besides using a spot light?"
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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