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Dana Point Halibut question.

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I guess anyone can answer this, and I'm hoping Jimbo / JerseyBro chimes in.

Is there any volume of Halibut out of Dana Point yet?
I've noticed 2 reports with 2 quality Halibut having been caught very recently.
I'm just wondering if it's worth the time to chase the Halibut down there or not.

Thank You.

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
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Hi John,

There is always a volume of Halibut in the Dana Point area. The question is do they want to bite today! LOL

Actually not that many people target them like you do, or maybe I should say know what to look for like you do.

Lot's of people I see down this way just stop in no mans land looking for Halibut not reliezing that Halibut relate to structure too, just in a different way than Bass do

This is an excellent time of year to start looking for a really big one down this way
Got the email thanks for the info Danny.
Now where is JerseyBro to fill in the pieces to the puzzle?

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
Good question John.
Could probably use up all my computer ink on this one.
But, I not going to.

It always goes back to basics, as far as I'm concerned.
Picking the right days with tides, conditions, water temps, and water quality. And,just finding where the heck they are hanging out!

Yes, a couple of fish reported, and maybe more could have been caught at that time frame. (Small window)
I think right now, we're on the back end of it!
Not a whole lot of water moving this weekend.

Overall January has usually been a good big butt month for several years now!
Even into half of Feburary, then it seems to take a dump, after that until Spring. (JMO)

Back to the question.
If I was going to pick a day it would probably be tomorrow Thursday, if weather conditions are favorable. If you really had the bug to go.
Or, I would wait until next week, looks a whole lot better.
And, my preferrance would be the later.
Because, that's when I'll be out there!

Jersey Bro.
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Finding where they are is part of the game.
The water looks to be a wee-bit cold, and the tide are less then optimum.

I'm not sure what I'm doing other then I'm fishing Halibut during the day
and Lobster at night. I want the best shot at both no matter where it is!

I guess I better find a few rockpiles out of Dana to hoop on if I head that way.

Thank You for the feedback Jim!

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
Okay guys, tell me if I am in the right direction. As far as tide, and temp goes, I know nothing when it comes to Hali. As far as location, I have been fishing Dana Point now for 3 years now, Of course, not targeting Hali, during the summer. Anyways, I now that I am trying the Hali thing, here is my tactic. I look for Structure, either rocks or kelp, and set up drifts on the outside of them. Now I have heard many opinions on the type of bottom the damn things like, rocky hard bottoms, sandy, and mud. As I said, as far as tide goes, I have no clue what to look for, other than my GPS telling me the the good and best times. Not that I really rely on that. Anyways, any advice, and a push in the right direction would help. As I sated in another post, I will probably be out Sun the 22nd.

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