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Well, itâ??s time to take the daughters (12 and 16) out for a boat ride. The plan is to launch the Trailer Trash from Dana around 0500 and head towards the 14, dropping the jigs in at about 8 or so miles out. Weâ??ll putt around offshore (if you call the 14 offshore) till the first sign of wind then head for Newport. From there I can give the kids a tour of the OC coastline and hit some hard bottom spots for calicosâ??and (hopefully) do it all downwind on the way back to Dana.

We canâ??t carry bait, so itâ??s jigs only. We have caught 2 dodos and 1 YT in the last week on jigs, so itâ??s worth a shot. I donâ??t think the kids really care if we catch an exotic. Theyâ??ll be perfectly happy to see some dolphin (or porpoise, whatever) and maybe a whale or sea turtleâ??we saw a sea turtle last Saturday off Long Beach.

Anybody else going to be in the area on Tuesday? It would be nice to know who else will be out there since Iâ??ll have the kids with me. Who knows, maybe we can whore some bait from you at a paddy :).

Pretty sure we'll be giving away whatever we catch, as my buddy Dan is on a 5-day and I'll have all the YT I can smoke this weekend.

We'll be on 69 and 16.

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