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Dangerous Shoaling conditions CI Harbor!!

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I received this notice from the CG today! Be on the look out when entering and exiting the Channel Islands Harbor!!

I wanted to update you on the current shoaling conditions at the harbor entrance. Since the recent swells that passed through our area the shoal has doubled in size since the grounding of the Irving Johnson. We have set two additional buoys today, bringing the total to three marking the shoal area. The first buoy as you are departing the harbor is approximately 60 yards directly north and adjacent to the end of the south jetty. The second is in line with buoy number (1) and approximately 100 yards seaward toward the breakwater. The third is approximately 165 yards west south west of the end of the south jetty.

There are areas of less than 3 feet of water at 0 tide within these
markers. I have spoken with Jeff of the Corps and he indicated he would be in Santa Barbara tomorrow and would stop here as well, if possible.

I will prepare a notice to the local boaters and post it at all marinas in the harbor and at the launch ramp. Currently this area is subject to extreme surf conditions. I have advised the Harbor Sergeant that the Harbor Patrol is to monitor this location during any hazardous surf conditions. The Harbor Patrol will notify Coast Guard Station Channel Islands and the 87 foot Cutter.

Please let me know if you need any further details.
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I luanched last Thursday at C.I. and pulled out to the breakwater
and saw waves curling at the south harbor entrance. I did a 180
and put the boat back on the trailer. The kids were calling me a
sissy, but they have a lot to learn
Interesting you mention this Frank.

Down this way in MDR they now have the buoys finally lit-up with
blinking lights at night around the 2 shoals, one on each side of
the harbor entrance.

I saw one boat full speed last year run aground on one of these.
Like hitting a brick wall head on!

Thanks for the heads-up!

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