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Hello all

Was booked on the Samson with Captn Lars. Boat was full so got bumped -to the The Affair, (six pack)with Captn Loren. Woohoo less passengers.

Captn Lars operation is a great operation just to clear this up. I am an experienced fisherman, so I did appreciated going to another boat as he had what appeared to be a load of inexperiened fishing folks.

The Affair is a very nice 6 pack that is a serious fishing machine. Not many frills, but a clean boat.

We boarded at 7:00 am. Captn Loren gave the saftey speach, game plan etc.

Very smooth ride out. Seas layed down to 2-5 foot swells. We stopped in some deeper water and I hooked up with a nice seabass imeadiatly.

The early bite was very spotty. Captn Loren kept re-postioning the boat to get us on fish. We did bring up some lingcod but they were shorts.

Captn Loren was disapointed in the bite and tried repeatially to get us on biting fish at differnet locations. The Capnt kept us abreast of depth and tecniques to get some fish in the boat.

Several times we ended up in some very craggy areas resulting in hang ups on the bottom. Captn Loren was super in getting some of the less experieced folks off the bottom or retying new rigs. Very little time was lost fishing.

The bite picked up later in the morning resulting in some very nice Cabezons. And a larger grade of rock fish.

Rather than calling it quits at 11:45 Captn Loren chose to stay out longer to fill our limits, (we were about 4 fish short) we came close with 2 fish short. About 1:30 we headed for the barn (trip was supposed to be over at noon).

I did take pics but neglected to pack the inteface wire, when we came up from AZ.

Overall report - super boat, super Captn, will ride this boat again.
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