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Went out with Captn Laird Brown. Left the docks at 7:00am after the saftey speech. Captn Laird decided to head south. Seas were very smooth, weather nice with clouds and the sun poking thru. There was a couple from California and a couple from Scandanavia and myself.

We pull up on a spot, the lady from Cal is hooked up imeadiatly with a nice seabass. She ended up being the the hot stick on this trip.

It took me awhile to get hooked up. I just picked up a new rod from Englands marine. A Shimao Trevala. What a great rod for inshore rock fish. I was using a imatation 4" squid with a 2oz ball sinker.

Captn Laird gave me one of the new Shimano Lucanus jigs in gold color, 2-oz. Kept on the squid, on a dropper loop about 2 feet up.
Wam both jigs get hit, Big Ling on the Lucanus and a nice seabass on the squid.

I keep using this lure and the fish are just crazy for this ugly lure. Eventually I lost the lure. Checked on line for these. They run $15 from Meltons. Ordered several more including one to relpace the Captn's

Everyone is catching fish. Capt Laird is helping the Scandanavian couple and they finally pick up the techique. Everyone is getting bit. Some small lings come up and get thrown back, seabass, and sea trout. I did catch one ChinaRock fish. Beautiful black and yellow fish.

Captn Laird kept things in order, and made sure we were on fish.

We limited out on Ling Cod and rockfish and back at the dock by 11:00 am. (Trip was to be over at 12:00) so we did good.

Overall trip

Boat - 10
Capt - 10 Captn Laird is quiet, but does have a good personality and is helpful for newbies. He is on top of things, and makes sure tackle and gear are ready.

Would recommend and ride this boat again

This is another one of Dockside Charters fine operations
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