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disposal of out of date emergeny flares, etc

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Where is the best place or places to take this stuff after it goes past the date of expiration?

Thanks in advance
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I keep all my outdated flairs in my ditch kit and when I use one which was 5 years ago I used 5 before the boat that pulled me out from 5 feet from the rocks saw one becouse it was daytime the four old one's came in real handy that day.


I agree. I do the same. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think you can still have them onboard as long as yo have ones that are not expired. You can use them as back up or whatever. I have been told 90% of the time they stay good well past the expiration date.
>Where is the best place or places to take this stuff after it
>goes past the date of expiration?
>Thanks in advance

Your local fire department?
I have too many. Anyone that wants them can come and get them.

Also, I called my local fire station, and the local Coast Guard station and they didn't want them either.
I had some that were at least 6 years old and they worked fine. They were the type that you pull on the string.
I lit two old ones off in my backyard for kids during Super Bowl half time. It was a cheap firework show for them, but they enjoyed it.
An Italian soccer match? The Serie A fans seem to be quite fond of them.

I don't know about the legalities of such, but the old fart from the CG Auxillary suggested I take them way offshore and have my wife practice using them in case I ever dropped dead on the water.
If they're the aerial type just shoot them into the water next time your out. For the handheld type light them in your back yard.
Let your family, and the friends you go out with practice. Only keep top notch safety gear on board. If something goes seriously wrong and you're 100 miles out, you'll be glad you have everything in order.
If you were a hundred miles out.
You would be wise to have all
your outdated flares with you.
Use them first.
Outdated or not, you make a good point.
I'd carry them with me for an emergency, as you stated.

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
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