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DMV question

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The other day I had one of the local Marine Cowboy Sherrifs pull up to my rig and tell me my registrations expired. I still have the Blue sticker but I thought that was good through 2007.

No tickets issued but.....What's the real deal?

Tight lines, Jim
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the blue sticker says, "05"?
time for another 2-year sticker, JD. These are green and say, "07"

Never got the paperwork. Now I guess I have to go person.

Oh well another day another dollar spent.

Tight lines, Jim
>Oh well another day another dollar spent.

10 dollars....for 2 years. :)

No AAA for you? For me, the annual fee pays for itself in lost time at the "f'n DMV". :)
I believe after September they
raised it to $15 you can get it
done with triple a if you have it.
>F'n DMV
>Never got the paperwork. Now I guess I have to go

I think the DMV is slacking. I noticed that mine was expired the other day and I never received any paperwork either.
One year I didn't get my registration and had to call them. But ya if you got an 05 sticker that's when it expires. The new ones say 07 and are green.

You'll also get your lovely CO2 stickers.

At least the 50% late penalty only comes out to $5.
I just called the 800# and did it over the phone, piece of cake, got my sticked 4 days later.
Were the CO2 stickers in the same envelope with the CF sticker? I think I may have thrown them away for my dink and skiff :-(.
I received registrations for 3 boats and not one had the extra "required" stickers
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