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Don, John, or anyone else that can help

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I see there have been some changes to the format of the boards.....fine by me.

But could you please do one thing for me....I usually use the
"JUMP TO ANOTHER FOURUM" box to surf the boards....

I have e-mailed a few times, but heard nothing back...

the new General Discussion board is not listed on the "JUMP TO ANOTHER FOURUM" window....could you please add it.

Thanks, :) :)


Edit: one other come the info near the Avatar has a incorrect "member since" date.....I have always wondered. I have been a paying member since September of 04....not that it is a big deal, but i am just curious.
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Hey Mike . .

There is a bug in THIS software that DOES NOT ALLOW the
resorting of forums in the JUMP TO option. If you look
20 or so forums down you'll see the PB'ers GENERAL BOARD
just before all the ASFA Boards.

I have no-idea on the member date thing.
I think Trudy / Fishgiver handles the membership stuff.
Shoot here an email . . . think it's [email protected] ?

Parker 2320 'FloMar'..
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I'll see what we can do. I'll send this info on to John
Thanks guys :) I know you have a many other higher priorities...when ever you have a I said, no big deal.
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