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Don't like the placement

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Hey guys. I was thinking do you find it useful that this board is so far down or does it seem like it should be up with the other PB board. I was thinking the same thing about the CIA board. I like the idea even if some people do stop posting. I stopped looking through the report board cause I hated sifting through the social crap. I mean I like that there is a core group that socializes but though they met here or on the water and gather it didn't make the PB a better board. I think this will help both boards, I just think they should be closer together. I scroll down this far on the read new function. But I'm sure many people don't.


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the place for it should be the trash can.... if i want non-social dry statistics, i'll read the fish counts in the TIMES...for christs sakes, it's a CHAT board.
If you go to the main forums listing
it is the 5th board from the top, right next to the other 2 PB'er Boards.

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.

I mainly use the "Jump to another forum" window...that thing is a mess...half the board links are no longer....can this be cleaned up and better organized.
I'll talk to Don about it immediately!

I've been enjoying the "Finnseeker Tournament".

What's it been 3 or 4 yrs now?

I see. I don't use the board that way. I usually just hit the read new feature and it ends up showing up after the Political board and Sports. I don't even like to pass the Politcal board anymore, they are like the smelly bums of the site, you know they're there but don't want to walk by cause the stink makes you gag.

Yes it is a chat board and I am OK with that. Theres nothing wrong with a little socialization. It might do wonders for more than a few around here. Hell I even socialized my dogs...


EDIT: By the way I was just trying to be helpful, I don't know if its a software glitch or even if you were aware of it.
Mike, I just realized this is you. Getting a little aggro for a fellow surf fisher, eh? I originally posted something a little "stronger," but pulled it when I realized who you were.

I missed the storm that created this board. I'm not sure it matters. All I can say is why not, give the fact that the main board seems dominated by posts that concern either dead pets, how liberals are destroying America or the specifics of homosexual sex (I kid you not. For guys that apparently revel in their macho he-man 'tude, there seems an awful lot of talk about stuff I don't need to know more about, and i was born and raised in West Hollywood). And, of course, I'm leaving out the sharking posts, keeping or not keeping calico posts, or anything that poor Bruce Carter involves himself in.
No I didn't think I was getting aggro. Sorry if it came off that way. I like the board, I hope it works. Just tryin to help.

I think not fishing much is getting to me.



Hope to see you soon. Probably not on the pier anytime soon.
RE: Don't like the pot stirring!

>I've been enjoying the "Finnseeker Tournament".
>What's it been 3 or 4 yrs now?

Now, shape up or we ship your pot-stirring butt to costa rica!!!
(like that's a bad thing?)
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