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Did not see this till today since I pretty much ignore Doris's posts
and my Allcoast Emails, Pretty Funny !!!

> Hell of a fish there, great story!!!



Don't you really mean to say....You wish you would of caught that fish so you could sell it.

Since I was banned I heard you are a hook and line commercial. So maybe you should tell him the pound per pound price for T sharks. You sell yours, don't you...What a fuckin ####!!!!

Couldn't help but notice you put in a few kicks towards me after I was gone.

What a limp wristed ******!!! You just had to kick me when I could not respond. For a "big man" your quite the gutless wonder. I used to give you some credit since I actually met you...#### that! Your obviously a coward who struts around when people can't fight back.

Well I'm back now, and you're just another lying Allcoast #### that won't admit to what he's really doing on the water.

Well we'll see about that....... You post your reports and I'll tell people who your selling your fish to..that should be good for a laugh or two.


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RE: Doris Days email to me

You know in first grade there was a kid who used follow me around and call me Doris Day. It's funny but every time you do it I still feel like I'm dealing with a six year old.

Did I really say that to you? looks kind of edited to me :7

Well I do remember sending you a message a while back saying I felt it was pretty cowardly of you to post attacks on these boards directed at me after I was banned and could no longer post. Not really fighting fair now is it?

As to this thread:

Naughty Naughty..... posting private e-mail messages on open forums is against the Allcoast rules.

You took a private dispute and plastered it all over a public board...Oh the shame ;-)

Maybe now you'll get banned then I can strut around and insult you after your gone and you can not respond :7

Oh No!!! the poor little Badger has hurt feelings.... Pooh Pooh....and I'll this time I thought that Badgers had thick skin.

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