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DP Sunday 1/22

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Okay, it is official. My Bro and I will be launching out of DP Sunday. I will look for reports from all of you going out Sat so good luck and leave some for us. And if anyone can report on if they are still making squid on SC please let me know. Might launch early and try to make some. Oh, and can someone tell me where the barber pole are? I hear it mentioned, but I am not familiar.

Hesbros on Ch 72..

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As you leave the marina head due south. About a mile out you will see the barber poles. I think there are 3, pretty easy to spot the one furthest north has an American Flag flying from it. Hope this helps.

Try running a 180 out of the Harbor.
That will put you real close.
Jersey Bro.

Give me a shout on 72...I am confirmed with 5 kids on board.....heading to CI. Should be in route by no later then 7 am.

Pray for the BONEHEAD BITE.....I love watching kids hooked up on FUN!



My Radio is only good for about 10-12 if i don't answer, nothing personal...either no signal, or my hands are tied with ciaos on the deck :)
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Copy all that guys. are the barber poles in the water or on the coast. And I will give you a call blackfish???
They're in the water, You can't miss them.

I'll be out around 10 tomorrow. Will be on 72 if you have any problems finding them give me a shout.

Here are some numbers I have for one of them.

33 26.047

117 41.721

If you use these let me know how close you got.
Good luck.

Cool...just finished changeing the oil and filters.....boat is packed except drinks, food, and kid count went down from six to three..... :-(

72....or 949-280-8656

there are three poles....180 degrees out of the the harbor..1.5 miles..the rest are south.

Good luck eddie.

What do you intend to do once you locate these "barber poles"...:+

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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