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Exact Design Sand Spike w/Bait Box & Sand Flea Rake!

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This is The 2nd Generation of Exact Design's Sand Spike!

Years ago Exact Design reached out to me about their first attempt of manufacturing Sand Spikes to be used in the continental United States. This design i'm used to seeing & using since for over 20yrs i've fished there for 1-2 months out of the year though i reside in Hawaii. Only recently has this type of configuration is being sold locally.

I gave Exact Design my impression & advice on how to better adapt their original design for usage in areas like Florida to Texas & California. Seems this style is currently popular in FL & SC. The revised version is nice with the etched-in measurements needed for anglers targeting Drums off FL to TX & Strippers up North. It's still up to Exact Design what suggestions they'll incorporate into their design as i'm not the only advisor.

My first video i made using my new iPhone 13 Pro. Still learning the settings. I miss FL fishing pulling-up huge Sand Turtles/Flees off Pompano. Everything loves them!


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