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Again Mustad's Tracershot Jigs Scores Another Catch!

I had a late afternoon start as a had to drop by a local tackle shop Nankos to meet a friend. In 10min i hooked into a small Jack that shook itself off. Then a school of large sardines appeared bringing in visible predator fins breaking the water. My Tracershot Jig managed to hook a decent sized Jack Trevally known locally as a Papi'o, which was safely released back.

I was pretty fast in taking a fast iPhone video before releasing it back. The scuffle the fight made calmed the feeding activities down. So i decided to leave 20min latter. Of course i could hear the water eruptions as i headed back to my car. Figures. I latter had a fast meal with some friends before bringing home dinner for the wife & chihuahua.

So i used my 10'6" 2pc SST Spinning Rod w/a max rating of 3/4oz. Perfect for what i'm using! A ITX 3K Spinning Reel filled with 10lb Eminent Braid. I was again using Mustad's Tracershot Jigs. Why? The 45/55% body weighted curvature allows for a slow descent fall. Great for coming off reef flats to mud bars & open channels.



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