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Finalized How to Install a Gomexus Knob on a Blue Azores 6000!

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I Tried This Recently But It Wasn't Perfect Yet - Now It Is!

I've been working with Vernon over at Gomexus on using the reels that i already own to see if i could match any with Gomexus handles and/or knobs. So far it's been working out well. Showing the reels that proved compatible wasn't as important as the information itself. Now anglers can widen their accessory choices.

I had to teach myself how to do my own modifications. Even made a specialized tool just for this. I first tried the Blue Azores 6K but it was slightly moving though solid after i finished. I wasn't happy. So early this morning i tried again with new parts Vernon sent me. The additional parts with a better understanding of how these work paid off. I'm now able to show how to correctly add a 47mm knob to both the 8K & now the 6K Blue Azores Spinning Reel as well as the original Azores by Okuma.

I just added extra "thin" micro washers within the gap of the bearings. Plus the wider chrome bearing had to be on the outside to cap off the wider handle opening & i used the smaller diameter brass bearing for the inside to fill the rest of the hollow base of the handle. Just had to experiment how many washers it took to fill the gap between the 2 different bearings was all. Gomexus will read & study this info to produce an accessory pack for this Azores kit.

Yes, Azores kit. As of today i found this exactly works for the original & Blue Azores in 6K & 8K. The 4K is uniquely different and requested parts for that nut to crack. We're trying to use parts manufactured for other known brands without milling new components if possible. So far milled parts for Daiwa has been working well.


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