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First Time Ensenada

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Going down for the Memorial Day weekend and we have never fished the waters off of Ensenada. Was wondering if any one had a any numbers that could produce some decent bottom fishing or calico spots. Any spots that the yellows may be willing to chew. Any info would be a plus. Also can we purchase mexican fishing license up here or only in Ensenada.


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You can purchase up here from Romero's in Newport Beach. They can do the whole thing by fax/mail too. Remember you need licenses for all fisherman plus the boat license.
Try the banda bank for the bottom critters. I have never fished for calicos, but on the way down to the inside you will find lots of good structure and lobster pots.

Small detail, all people on the boating while you are fishing whether they are fishing or not need a license.
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Thanks Chris,

I will look up the banda banks and keep an eye out for the lobster traps. I will also make sure we are legit with the license. My buddy also mentioned slow trolling Todo Santos for yellows, ever had any luck in that area?

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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