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Fished with Captain J of on 6/13. Had booked a shred trip earlier and got to Port Allen to find out I was the only one.....private charter for the share price 8) AWESOME! Started trolling for ahi and the first hit was after about half an hour, but just a bump. Pulled in the lure and by the tooth mark it must have been a good one. Continued trolling for a while with the rest of the fleet not seeing much action. Captain J decided it was time to get fish on the boat so we jigged at about 200 ft deep for small ahi from 3-20#. It was a fast jigging technique that took some practice to master but I finally got it well enough to hook the largest of the ahi. Tried a slow trolling technique with plastic worms for skipjack with no luck. Went back to trolling and the marlin lure went off. It screamed about 200 yds of line off the tiagra 130, got in the chair and the fight was on, a marlin. It was not hooked well and must have had the bill wrapped because he got off :x and when we checked the lure the leader was frayed and looked pretty chewed up. Continued trolling and picked up a medium sized Dorado (oops....Mahi-Mahi)that was totally overmatched by the heavy tackle, did not even have to take the rod out of the holder. Trolled some more and called it a day.
All in all it was a great day on the water. Captain J is a fisherman first and charter captain second. He constantly worked hard and was continually trying to land fish. We could have stayed at his honey hole all day jigging for smaller fish but left the choice to me as to whether continue looking for a big one. We fished for more than eight hours and would have stayed out longer if both he and I did not have commitments. It was more like fishing with a friend than with a charter. I highly recomend him and will fish with him the next time I get to Kauai.


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