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Fishing-related LINKS.

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Great idea John! Can't wait to see what the best on this site have to contribute.
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i don't look at all these everyday, nor once a week. it all depends on where i'm gonna be fishing. but i like to cover my basis when i go. so here are the sites i look at for weather (swell/wind) predictions. oh, and for tides as well.

for tides i look here:

i check this one for a general overview of wind conditions:

supplement the overall wind analysis with looking at the buoys:

so cal:

no cal:

Orange County general swell model:

offshore islands swell model:

So Cal Bight Swell Model:

LA Basin Swell Model:

and i look at the NOAA report as well (i click on the appropriate area for where i'll be fishing):

anyway, these are what i look at to get an idea of what the weather is gonna be like, and whether or not to go or stay home. safety first. i'd rather cancel a trip and be safe then head out without the first clue of what to expect on the water.

edited to add: not sure how to post the links for the swell models without the picture coming up. but right click on the picture the go to "properties" and copy and paste the URL into your browser and you'll get sent to the site.

Gettin' Ugly
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i'd love to see other people add to this soooooooo.....back to the top it goes.

Gettin' Ugly
Links updated often and marked in red when new!

See you at Fred Hall!
General Weather
Intellicast 10 Day

Marine Weather, Buoys & SST
NSW Los Angeles/Oxnard Forecast

Buoys - Java

Buoys â?? SB Channel

SIO - Scripps Weather Forecast
So Cal
San Diego http://meteora.ucsd

Coast Watch SST - NOAA Recent AVHRR Data
Download latest West Coast Info into application

Wind & Swell Models
Swell Forecast â?? Animated loop - Pacific

Surface Wind Vectors



Maptech â?? default Santa Cruz topographic
Search any location
(Note: If server returns error map â?? click a red triangle to reposition and refresh map)

Moon & Tide
Moon Phase

Tide Tables

Fishing Reports



DFG Home
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Well I'm going to toot my own horn here:

Reel Time Reports

My daily reports uses many of the links already posted PLUS now with my Radios back in service I will have lots of up to the minute info on the local and offshore action that nobody on the net or anyplace else for that matter, can match
Do you have special fishing links/URL's you use daily/weekly that are valuable to you?
DO you think they might be valuable to others?
If you do, please post them here.

I will attempt to collect them all in one post and anchor them at the top of this board.

Examples are: weather, fish counts, trailers, boats, motors,
DFG (see Neill's LINK at the top), tides, rules & regulations,
electrical, welding, boat customization and hardware,
fishing tackle and shops, bait tanks, electronics,
marine dealers and repair, live bait concessions, wind, . . .
Is that enough? . . probably not.

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.

ANYBODY have any more links?
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