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I'm thinking of going Sunday (Fathers Day) out to 75 mile from Long Beach and fish the East fly but stay in US waters I need 3 more to go the boat hold 137 Gallons of diesel @ $3.25 per gallon and 60 bucks for bait so the most we will have is a $505 Bill split 4 ways is $126 per person.

We will leave Long Beach @ 10 PM Saturday night (Sharp) and will traval all night at 12 KNts which should but us close by 5 AM 72 miles @ 36 Gallons.

Troll from 5 AM till 2 PM @ 25 Gallons then head home at 16 knts weather permiting 5 hours 45 gallons home by 7 pm.

Total fuel 106 Gallons give or take 15 gallons each side but count on 137 Gallons.

The boat is a 28 Albin TE sleeps two in the big V and one in a 6.3 X 3 Midship bunk.

I'm waiting on my dive service to see if the prop is back on the boat after balancing and tuning.(Too many ropes on prop during Lobster Season)

If the Boats ready and I have 3 Saturday I'm off.

Please Dont E-Mail

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