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Fred Hall Show

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Time to start getting pumped up for the Fred Hall Show...what do people know about it? I'm hearing that there will be some significant changes and a different look. Some longstanding booths will be gone and some will be greatly expanded. Who do you know that will be there? I heard today that my buddy John aka Afishinado will have a booth this year for his charter business plus their other business of his wife's designed fishing-related art, catch flags and goodies. Josh Temple will, I think, be hanging out in a booth but I'm not sure which one. I think Mark Wisch and his boat will be prominent at the Parker booth which will be greatly expanded over prior years. Sounds like AC will have their booth again. Who do you know that will be there that people can look out for?
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I heard there were some financial changes for booth spaces this year.
I want to say either the cost for a booth went up and/or the SHOW OWNERS get a % of the booth revenue.
I haven't been in 3 years and I was actually thinking of going this year.
I sure hope the cost to get in didn't go up.

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
I know my boat will be there! Looking forward to the show and seeing everyone.
>I know my boat will be there! Looking forward to the show and
>seeing everyone.

Good...I'll wear black scuffy shoes....and I'll have Stevie spill a beer for old time's sake.
Dang youngster....37 year old hotchit.

My Three Sons
I already told Harold not to let you near her. Dont worry you can go hang at Farallon. I think we should have Rob bring the "Magellan" up and we can all go on a real boat!
Tim, is that head still mounted on the roof of your boat(Dave's crow's nest)?
I look foward to seeing that in person. }(
Rob, I'll probably go the first or second night, looks like a Mammoth weekend for us that weekend.....are you around?
I will Be there!!!!Going wednesday first in line with my tennis shoes on!Not that I need anything(Yea right) New CC 0 ballance burning a hole in my Pocket. Glad I`m single,, if not I probbly would be :) (LOL)

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Bill - I definitely want to go when you go and we should get Bill and Rob as well. It's a TDH annual event :). Those nights are better for me too I think.

Hope to run into lots of AC'ers there!
Hi Rob

You're right, there are going to be a lot of changes at FH this year.Finally all the aisles in the main hall are going to go all the way through, no more getting stopped short and getting lost. And a lot of the seminars/flyfishing stuff is going upstairs. I'm doing a few seminars at the saltwater tank which is one of two staying down.

We will be in the Parker booth which is more like ParkerWorld at 30' wide and 190' long!!! The boat will be there, in fact it's out of the water right now getting fitted for the railing around the motor well and side rails....both of which will add immeasurably to the fishability of the rig in bad weather. The back railing will support fishcleaning/tackle rigging/etc,etc,etc board that will also be a very handy addition.

With these projects done, the rig is complete. I guess I'll have to get out and put all this fun stuff to good use then.

Nice going our your fish the other day,and that was some show on the squid.Your're on a roll so keep it up!!!

Good Luck

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>I sure hope the cost to get in didn't go up.

$12 to get in to the long beach show this year per

i'm going for sure on the 5th with my dad and friend jim. hoping to get over there once before then too. have to see what's on my schedule for the week.

back to the books now for me before rob kicks my ass. ;)

edited to add: anyone know if accurate's gonna be doing the reel give away (find your twin) or anything like it this year?

Gettin' Ugly
I've taken the day off opening day and will spend the day meeting with friends that I have met over the last few years on the boards....

I know the 2 Bill's and Rob, but have not had the pleasure of meeting you yet....

I'll be there. Missed it last year because of hip replacement syrgery. This year I should be able to get around much better than the last 4 years!
I plan on being there as well Frank. Look me up at the Eric's Tackle booth it shouldn't be hard to find its right next to the BRAID GIRLS:p. Looks like thurs-sat for me.

Take care,
Mark - can't wait to see the "final" version of the rig (but are they every really "final"????? :).

Frank, Neill etc. - hope to see you guys there. As we get closer we'll try to see if we are going to be there at the same time and we can meet up to say hi.
I understand the Bloody Mary booth will be located right next to Tim's boat this year, how convenient!
A/K/A Private Boat "Fin-Addict"
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I know my boat will be there!

Tim, I think Harold will be using my boat also but well see. I will be helping Harold Friday, Sat and Sunday.
Hey John

Remember the wader chicks?

Maybe the all coast booth could have a check in sheet guys can sign and write the time date and how long they will be there. Maybe even a cell number or an all coast affiliation sticker for their shirt for other coasters to
see it with your name on it.

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