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Hey John.....
It was great running into you at the show !!! Louis and I had a great time, visited with Sam, Brian and Lori at the American Angler booth for awhile, talked with Smitty of Smitty belts, and had a great opportunity to spend time with Don and Ginger and let them know just how appreciative we are for their continued support to Badfish !! You guys run a great site here ! Just by chance on the way out, we ventured outside and wathched the "Dock Dogs" what a great show those doggies put on, even bought a "Dock Dog" if I can just get my little weiener dog to run off the end of a dock into a pool of water !

P.S. Tri-tip and lobster sounds bueno !!! we'll be in touch !!

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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