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First off I received the go ahead from the real
boss of Allcoast, and that would be Ginger. LMACO!
I spoke with Ken/KenO and he and his wife are both okay with this.
So here goes.

1 FREE LIMIT OF LOBSTER (that would be 7) to the person who can
guess the date and time that their little boy will be born.

Here's the rules, and they are mine.

1) One guess per person!
That means those of you with multiple monikers/personalities get 1 shot.
In the long run you'll have to pick-up the Lobster Tails FROM ME.
If you aren't who you say you are, simple . . . . DQ.
Then the next closest will receive them.
If I find out you posted twice and you were the closest, can you say DQ again.
In the long run you'll have to pick-up the Lobster Tails FROM ME.
If you aren't who you say you are, simple . . . . DQ.
Then the next closest will receive them.

2) No editing, ABSOLUTELY NONE!
You edit, you are DQ'd no questions asked!
Make it count the first time!

3) I need a DATE, and here are some format examples.
12/31/2005 or 12-31-2005 or 12.31.2005 or 1/1/2006 or 1-1-2006 or 1.1.2006.
All of the above are acceptable.
Anything other than that you're SOL aka DQ'd.
I can't read Chicken Scratch!

4) I need a TIME, no military hours.
Examples of time are 01:33 PM or 09:22 AM or 1:33 PM or 9:22 AM.
As long as I can decipher it.

5) Closest guess wins.
That means the closest DATE and TIME before or
after the birth of Ken and Kendall's little boy.

6) Once someone has guessed a DATE and TIME nobody else can guess
the same DATE and TIME. If you do you just wasted your guess.

7) You do not have to be a PB'er!

8) You do not have to be a paying member!

9) If by some strange chance someone was to guess DATE and TIME
being one minute before the birth, and another guesses DATE and TIME
one minute after the birth then the person guessing before . . .
Oh what the ????, then both win a limit of Lobsters (that would be 7).

10) DO NOT contact Ken for ANY information! NONE!
If you do you are immediately DQ'd.
How will I know, because I'm paying Ken off to tell me. LOL!

11) [font color="RED" size="+1"]You must post your guess before 1/3/2006.
Don't wait until 0001 on 1/4/2006, atsa no bueno.
Anything posted 1/4/2006 or later will not be considered![/font]

Once Kendall gives birth, and Ken calms down, I'll receive a call.
Then I'll post the information for all.


Parker 2320 'FloMar'.

p.s. Here are your only clues.

1) Doctor has predicted 1/9/2006.
2) Ken say Kendall is pretty big. :eek:
3) 1 false alarm already.
4) They have 2 kids already.
One 4 year old Daughter born 1 week late.
One 2-1/2 year old Son born 22 days early.

Here's was last years version.

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>January 7th, 2005 at 3:41a.m.

2005 was last yr tuna byte and no editing. Thats 2!!!

My guess is Jan 7th 2006 6:55am

Dave Abeelen



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I so much don't need more lobster, that I'm bound to win!!! Everyone else may as well give up!

I say 1/03/06 at 5:53 am....

I mostly want to see John's freezer!!!

Congratulations and wishes for a safe delivery to Mom and Dad!

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