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It’s Giving Tuesday. We suggest you help a Local Cause.

In our case a Fishy one that helps Fish in Southern California. Currently MDRA needs funds to rebuild the two white seabass pens that were placed in the water in MDR some 18 years ago. They need to be repaired and the materials are not that expensive. Could you help a little.

See the Charity at this link…

Our fish rearing pens are like a foster home for them. It protects them for a short time while they grow up to healthy and viable juveniles able to have better survivability rates in the open ocean.

With the baby fish are delivered to us by the Hubbs-Sea World hatchery program. We have been an integral part of the rebuilding of the White Seabass fishery. They are legal to keep at 28 inches. And they get up to 50 lbs often.

Learn more background at...

Or the main web site of to learn about the fishing club and the other volunteer opportunities.

Right now we urgently need nearly $24,000 in hard currency to do nearly $45,000 worth of work to rebuild the pens. We have support from our members, the County of Los Angeles, and So.Calif.Edison and need just $24,000 more to get the job done.

Thank you for considering our cause this Giving Tuesday.

Pass the word along. #GivingTuesday If not this... Then what are you supporting today?


MDR Anglers
a 501c-3 charity

PS - for those who do donate to our cause, we will be sending those generous folks a Discount code good for 35% off of a White Seabass shirt or hoodie from Kelp Clothing.

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Donations to the MDR Fish Rearing Pens

Other Clubs have given to the cause. CALIFORNIA KOREAN FISHING CLUB - is up to $70. Westwood Sportsman Club has given $2,000. LA Rod and Reel are going to take it up at the next opportunity of their foundation.

The pens do good work. They just need a bit of rehab.

Heck the cost of the floats is around $3650. Building docks is expensive.

Crowd Source funding works if you donate and send it on. So if you donate the minimum of just $10 then send that to 100 friends you can make a big impact.

#GivingTuesday is a cool idea.
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