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Going out of Long Beach Saturday

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We'll be launching the Trailer Trash From Davies around 0530 and plan to fish the wall and either the 'Shoe or PV. Anyone else going out and want to share info?

We usually monitor 16

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If things shape up right I may be out there as well. Same areas. If you see an old Whaler with a fighting chair on the bow say hello. I'm usually on CH72. Good luck.
I will be out to Catalina or PV. Call you on 16 !!

We'll be headed to Catalina tomorrow in the afternoon. If you're out there, give us a hail. We'll be aboard the Magellen on 72.

Cheers, Bill

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Hey Bill:

I have the battery box in the boat and will drop it off. It's 0320 and good Lord is it foggy! Bumper boats here we come.
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