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Going to Cat 4/19 & 20

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Heading over to cat later this afternoon- sounds like the squid is on the front middle of the island? Anybody have word on any on the back side? Any squid info appreciated, as i have no fresh frozen to take with me.

Plan to anchor up for the night and see if we can locate some WSB.
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In listening to the radio, it appears that the Marie Claire will be either in front of Avalon or Long Point, plus a couple of others. Go gettem Tre!

Swing by the Asian 99 store or something similar. The fresh dead there is awesome and never bleached (about half the price of frozen as well).

Cheers, Bill

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I was told by the Ranch 99 stores that they never have fresh dead. It is always the frozen blocks defrosted. They are all thawed in a fresh water tubs.

There are 2 types of frozen. 1 processed in San Pedro (better) and 1 processed up north (crap) . I have found that the SP is very nice but is not even close to the quality of the fresh dead.

Just my 2cents, Brian
I picked up 25#'s at Irvane Ranch today- I have used it in the past.
It works O.K.

Expensive today though, $3.99/box.

Heading out of Newport at 2:00ish today- "Sea Myth" on 68,69,72
Hey Tre, heading out today as well, Island Breeze 11meter Trojan, will get a spot in Avalon for the night and hit it hard in the morning. Look us up...Divide and conquer..LOL

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