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going to kona

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can anyone get me a web site that will tell me what i can catch in kona when i get there in jan 12th
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Now that was a very interesting link! 100% Success on full day charters! Wow, he must be the greatest fisherman on the planet ;)
Hope you enjoy catching Aku, cause that must be what he is referring to. Anyway, love this pic of the Ono Alleys, Kaieve peninsula and Pine Trees off in the distance, all within 2 miles of Honakahou. Lot's of locals plow these two miles all day for the toothy critters! Aku make off the VV or Kaehoe drop off. Good luck!

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I just got back from Hawaii yesterday. I fished the Lady Dee out of Honokohau harbor. I also have the SST charts setup for Hawaii now complete with all the FAD locations.

Here is the site to book the Lady Dee: Here is another site for booking other boats:

We fished a half day and failed to connect. Another boat fishing a small bit of water structure about 7.5 nm out, got a 600lb+ marlin the same day. That's fishing.

BTW, I checked out Pine Trees from shore and it was a pretty cool surf break. I surfed a break further north called Mahaiula Bay. Very nice right point break.

Hope you have a great trip.


BTW, If you want to do a little sno after your trip, there is a cool little beach at the end of the harbor. Just follow the road to the end, park and scramble over some lava to the beach on the left, (south). A little bit like La Jolla cove.

Here are a few pics.

Kids looking for Mahi Mahi hotels.

Captian Alan checking the jigs.

Bay where I surfed.

There's the right point break with nobody out just waiting for me. :)
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Very Cool Eric! Love the FAD charting on your tempbreak, I saved to my Kona fav's. Notice that FAD about 5 off Kahaluu? That's another fun little local spot to surf, easy wave for us older guys. Love the Pine Trees as well! Here's my buddys site for his boat there, tell Dee, Bill Morris sent you! Good luck and have fun!
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