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Google Earth Question..... Dana Point Area

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Hi Guys,

This for you guys that have Google Earth on your Computers or Really anybody that was in the waters South of Dana Point during the last year.

I noticed a collection of reddish squares located just outside of San Mateo Rocks and extend south to San Mateo point.

Question...........? What the heck are they? It's not the Kelp Farm. That is much farther north offshore of Abalone Point. What ever it is it is man made for sure

Man I tell you, I LOVE playing with this download! To bad these pictures couldn't be live!! You can zoom in good enough to see a school of Tuna with Ease! If you don't believe me check out the spot of Porpoise just off China Point at San Clemente Island!
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EDIT for spelling....

The red squares are rocks.... man made rocks. It's an artificial reef. Maybe the kelp growing on them makes them look so red? It's almost unnatural looking.


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