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As the flu bug swept through my house the past week, I think the dog version hit my new 2.5 year old lab, Sparky. As I set in my office, I heard the perfect sound effect for someone barfing, and the splatter to follow...not to my surprise, my ears did not deceive me..., As i rounded the corner, i found my new four legged friend at the mid landing of the stairs, presenting a nice gift for his new master :)

Thanks Sparky :)

This looked very similar to my daughters room the night before...nothing like a kid barfing every 30 minutes, and not once hitting the bucket..I won't go into details about what was going on at the other end :)

Saturday, I thought i was the only person in the family to have beat Mr. Flu...WRONG...hello porcelain god, time to drive the bus.....

Sunday, I was feeling somewhat better, even made it to my sons practice...on the way home i made a call to "The Rug Doctor"... It did a pretty good job, and only set me back $25...carpets now clean, I felt a sudden relapse...almost had to rent the Rug Doctor Again...

:) :)

Anyway, hope Mr. Flu hasn't made a stop at your house, and may your dog offer up more pleasant gifts.

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