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Great Heads Up

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Hey there Jsea,

Having read a post on the PBer's regular board,

Good heads up. If I have any questions relating to private boating, launchs, regulations and common practices not related to 'technical' boat issues ... as opposed to only an actual fishing report...... that is ...only to be based on a private boaters' actual, on-the-water fishing trip report and NOTHING ELSE .. I will, as directed by your esteemed self and co-moderator, post it here.

For the good of the PBer board, let's 'burn to the water line' anyone who trys to do otherwise.

In my 5 years on Allcoast, I found that boating questions got a lot more reponses..... although not necessarily more solid infomation when posted on the PB board rather that the general board but I understand that times and posters change. No harm.... no foul.

Uh Oh .... just noticed a thread that may very well belong on the PBer's 'technical' board and not here. ;)

Hopefully a kayak qualifies as a private boat if it has a CF number. :)

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Go ahead and slap a kayak report up on the board.

Happy Holidays.

Thanks Jsea,

I'll put a yak report on the kayak board where it should be. :) I confess I was just feeling a bit miffed at not being able to have a question addressed by the guys/board that has the most active boat-related core group and been like an old friend.

I trust that the report and technical posters/groups will visit the 'BS'(Ouch) board too ..... although maybe not so often. :(

Have a happy and safe remainder of 2005 to you and yours,

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